Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bike is back, Hamstring is not

Well, I found out last night that both the wife and I are fortunate in that our racing bikes are ok after the bedlam on the Bosque and I can pick them up Friday in time for our duathlon this Sunday. Equally good news, my commuter bike was ready to be picked up today. I had put it in the shop Friday with the intention of getting a tune up on it and ridding my racing bike to work the first couple days of the week. Of course, being without my racing bike left me --- sigh --- BIKELESS for the past two days. Forced to make my way through the mean streets of Albuquerque in my car…. ugh!

So, I’m pretty happy about the bike situation but my right hamstring is still tender. I doubt it is a pull but it is definitely on the edge. Tomorrow is a normally scheduled run day for me. I haven’t had to use any self discipline to keep myself from running yet because I start off my weeks with two swim days but tomorrow I’m just going to have to suck it up and take a walk. No running for me until the race this weekend, by which time I should be good to go. If I’m not 100% I’ll probably just cruse on the run and hammer the bike. It’s early season yet and I can afford a less than stellar performance if needed.

However, to make myself feel better I registered myself and wife for the:
Rio Rancho Duathlon
Wind Triathlon
Jay Benson Triathlon (should be able to register at active.com but the event is not posted yet. contact Sportz Outdoors for registration info) and,
The Buffman & Squeaky Triathlon

Ahhhh, now that feels better…………….

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