Monday, May 15, 2006

365 Days to Ironman Arizona

Well, today it is officially 365 days from the start of Ironman Arizona! This will be my first official Ironman. It is true that since concieving of this idea I have inserted another iron distance race but it is not an Ironman. Don't ask me why I'm more focused on IMAZ, maybe it's because it was the first iron distance race I identified as a goal, maybe it's because it is a desert race and I'm a desert guy, maybe because several others on my triathlon team have run IMAZ or maybe it's just that M-dot appeal. I guess it really doesn't matter, all I know is that in 365 days and 17 hours I will have finished Ironman Arizona.

In the mean time I an 41 days from Buffalo Springs Lake Half Iron, which will be no small feat to complete. This race is another local favorite and is considered by many to be one of the most difficult half iron events in the 70.3 circut.

In exactly 131 days and 17 hours I will have completed my first iron distance race, as I stated earlier it is the Oklahoma RedMan. I am looking forward to this race because I think I may actually be able to pull off a podium finish in the Clyde division, whouldn't that be increadible! My wife will also be doing the half iron that day, her first too. I feel bad that I won't be at the finish line for her but at least we will see each other out on the course more likely than not and we will also both be able to revel in the glory that we did something truely amazing together.

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