Sunday, July 09, 2006

A helping of discouragement and, oh, another triathlon

Well, this weekend was the Bottomless Lake Triathlon. Unfortunatly the triathlon gods have chosen to forsake me for who knows how long, at this point it has been three months in the heart of the season. The very day I was released to start running again I began to come down with a cold. It might have limited me at the Grady Williams last weekend but by Wednesday of this past week it was hitting me full force. I started feeling a bit better Friday and by race morning I felt ok but was left with a rattling cough and some breathing problems. If you ever want to remember what it was like to have a very low anarobic threashold just race with a cold.

Anyway, there isn't much left to do but keep at it as best I can. I could probably rest but if I do I will get over the cold and discover that a train is bearing down on me or that a troop of rabid monkies has infested my bedroom or that as I slept someone implanted explosives in my ass and has given the remote detonating device to a spasmodic half-wit.

So here's the deal, 400 meter lake swim - 14k bike with rough bumpy roads and hills - 4k flat as flat can be out and back run: 1:02:06. The time was a full 4 minutes slower than last year, my rookie year, but it still earned me a third place finish in the Clydes. The upside is that I was beaten by two guys I like quite a bit and I still had a good time visiting with friends. Below is a picture of a few of us Outlaws after the race. We had 13, don't worry, it's a good number, we're Outlaws, and of the 13 11 ended uo on the podium. We even had an age group sweep in the Mens 40 - 44 age group and we got two of three, actually first and third, in both the Clydes and Athenas divisions.

Oh, before I skulk off in self pity I do need to add that the Bottomless Lake Triathlon is fun, famously fun among the local tri croud. If you ever make it out to NM this is a cool little race to try.


  1. Congratulations on making it to the podium. And how about that team showing? You guys got game!

    Stay tuned...

  2. well done! Hope you feel better soon -- that trophy might help ease the pain, right?

  3. Congratulations on placing, again my I add.. Your rocking.. Speedy group, great job all around..