Friday, September 22, 2006

15 hours & 53 minutes to iron

The days is finally here and I am pretty excited. Wife and I slept in today and then went on an easly little 2 mile run. After the run we had a big breakfast, went to Starbucks, loaded up on coffee and then went and drove the bike course. I remember reading the description of the bike as being flat with some rollers. I would describe it as some flats with rollers. There is good and bad points to the bike. The bad part is that there are large sections of the road that have very rough spots, lots of potholes, both filled and not, and portions of the road that are warped. The good part of the bike is that the rollers are exactly that, for every up there is a down, they are pretty long and shallow and they are pretty evenly spaced.

Wife and I also checked our bikes into transition this afternoon and there were a lot of Redman staff setting things up. From what I see it looks like it is going to be a very well run race. I think that all things considered this is going to be a good event for a first full. The course is going to be fairly mellow while still offering variety and the organization looks good.

Tomorrow, Iron.
Fortitudine Vincimus!


  1. Dude, have a stellar race and don't forget to smile and have fun! Anxiously awaiting the picture of you guys holding your medals...

  2. Yes, what Flatman said. Have a great race. We're waiting for the finish photo!