Friday, May 18, 2007

We're Short!

I was just looking over my blog and what jumped out at me but my countdown clock for IMKY.

Ladies and gentlemen…as they say in the military…we're short, double-digit midgets to be exact.

99 days and counting!


  1. 99 days of panic on the calendar, 99 days of panic. X one out, scream out loud, 98 days of panic on the calendar

  2. The 99-day post; tradition is satisfied!

    I'll forbear commenting on the cartoon....

  3. Any word on the new bike?

  4. yeah whats up wit da new bike?

    99 bottle of beer on da wall.. oh, wait.. wrong count down.. hehe..

    Just stay healthy!


  5. Since nobody else has commented, I will point out that it is frightening that you used the term double digit midget in relation to a civilian function.

    That gives me a Navy flashback screaming heebie jeebie. How am I going to sleep, tonight?

  6. Have you received a tetanus and hepatis B shot lately? My doc made me have these a couple weeks ago because of the Ohio River. Have to go back for a followup hep shot on June 10th.