Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tri One O WTF!

You know the Bigun and I have our first show down at the 101 in The Woodlands...wait a minute Doug Grout, RD for the Woodlands 101 is handing me some breaking news.

Dear Triathlon One O One - The Woodlands Participant,
Over the last several months, the Triathlon One O One staff has been working diligently to secure the final course layouts as well as the required permits in order to execute this event on November 11th, 2007 in The Woodlands, Texas. At this point it is becoming very clear after working closely with the various entities in the local area that it is going to be next to impossible to put on this event in The Woodlands venue.

For the last ten days, Triathlon One O One has been working feverishly to secure an alternative venue in the Houston area. Once this is complete, we will notify all the participants, partners and sponsors of the venue change and what the new course layouts will be moving forward for this 2007 event.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter,

Triathlon One O One Staff

Any H-Towners out there? Where else is there for me and the Bigun to throw down?! Buffalo Bayou perhaps?

What the @%#&! is up with The Woodlands!


  1. Looks like there are a lot of changes going on in that area. IronStar had to change its course, too. But they found another one.

    When I did IronStar, we did a loop-course swim from a beach at the Del Lago resort, rode some of the local highways (I might still have a map somewhere), and did the run as a double out-and-back from Del Lago.

    I wouldn't plan on doing anything in the city itself. There's no place to swim (unless you want to do a pool swim) and the roads aren't safe for cycling.

    If you don't like the IronStar course, I bet you could find a good play-tri area around Clear Lake/Seabrook. I don't know that area well, but it's pretty nice and there are places to do an open water swim.

  2. That's absolutely ridiculous. I'm no event planner but I think approval of the course would be one of the first things you'd take care of.

  3. I would agree with the clyde. Who schedules an event and takes peoples money without getting the thing all laid out first.
    Bummer. I was really looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing of the event. Hope you guys do well this weekend. We're all pulling for you.

  4. Good luck on Sunday SB!

  5. dude - now all Tri 101 events have been cancelled until further notice.

    I concur - wtf - why take your money before it's set up?

  6. As Bunnygirl said, lots of changes in the Woodlands and Conroe area, so doesnt suprise me they are having problems but they SHOULD have had that stuff worked out as others said.

    Now, where else to have it in houston area??? Only place to host something that size is hopping on the LoneStar Course in Galveston which is put on by the same RD as Timberman and Austins new event LongHorn.

    Sounds messed up and my great chance to meet You and the Bigun as well as others!


  7. There's a protocol to be followed in TW and reportedly it didn't get followed.

    The power people in TW were onboard from day one and were listed as "sponsors" on the initial press release, which was forwarded on by their media relations people.

    Permits, from area to area, are different, but the bottom line is that you're at the mercy of the authorities to do things as they desire to put your event on.

    I have the City of Houston's game plan for Special Events and the typical deadline is 45 days before the event, but if you have a good relationship with them, you can get cut some slack. It's all about the relationship.

    There were 7-8 different authorities that needed to be consulted in TW, but at the end of the day ... the reason that it didn't happen were the roads being clogged up on a Sunday and not enough people in the key places in power to mitigate the complaints of the people that didn't want to be encumbered to and from their way to church and dinner afterwards.

    Most of the 80,000 in TW feel pretty privileged and don't mind letting you know it.

    Lance Armstrong could have competed and it wouldn't have mattered.