Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Picture of Recovery

Ok, I’m sorry to say that I only have so much energy and I have had to choose between earning a living, training for Silverman and Blogging along with Blog related stuff like doling out the comment love. I have shamelessly and selfishly opted to train and earn a living but let it be known that I have been thinking about all you bloggy peeps.

I have been spending my time trying to figure out this whole recovery thing. I took a few days off after IMKY and then started back to training at low intensity and have been picking things up recently. I have also been monitoring my heart rate. My resting heart rate has finally fallen back down to my customary 48 beats per minute but I continue to notice that my HR climbs faster at lower intensities though this is starting to normalize a little too.

I thought that I would go ahead and post a brief series of Garmin pics just to have something to post so here goes.

The first was my first run with Garmin this last Sunday. That run felt pretty good and I took it real easy.

The next pic was my Monday run. A little longer and in the heat of the afternoon and it felt like absolute crap. I think running two days in a row that soon was hard but it seem like the crap run did serve the purpose of loosening things up and pumping out some of the lactic acid.

Next was my Wednesday track workout, two miles easy and one mile time trial. The time trial felt pretty good but was a little off pace for my usual mile time trial. It did feel good to push it though with so much slow stuff under my belt.

Thursday, today, I have had to cram in the swim bike and run because I am out of town this weekend going for my USAT race official certification. I started the morning off with a nice hill run and worked to increase my pace each mile until I was at a nice cruse in the end. There is a huge hill in the middle of the run where my pace fell off but not too badly. I was able to keep the run easy and comfortable and I think for the first time I felt my legs were coming back.

I cut out of work for a slightly extended lunch hour and hit the gym for a 2200 yard swim, about 2056 meters…I think of my swimming in meters rather than yards but I swam in a yard pool. Anyway, I was able to keep a pace of 1:45 per 100 meters, which is pretty good for me and I think that I am starting to reap some of the speed benefits of IM training.

Finally I headed out for a bike after work and had a pretty good time. It got dark well before I got home and so there I was riding along in the dark making shadow figures on the road with the aid of my trusty light strapped between my areo bars.

I hope everyone is doing well!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow :)

  2. BP-
    Happy Birthday!!!!!

    We're not getting old..just more seasoned.

  3. Happy early Oh Holy Shit I'm one more year closer to qualifing for AARP Day

  4. You are celebrating your birthday tomorrow?

    Happy Birthday!

    As a fellow Virgo now I understand all the charts and ongoing training analytics.

  5. Happy Birthday! I have been lurking on your blog for sometime. Only recently stopped lurking and started commenting on the Geek Girls' blog -- her accomplishment at IMKY is second to none in my book.

    Wanted to wish you good luck with your Silverman training. I volunteered for that race last year and this year I am racing the Half. I am still a tri newbie but training hard and loving it. Bloggers like you and the Geek Girl help to keep me motivated so thanks!

  6. Happy Birthday! Virgos rock!

  7. Heard it was your birthday on Friday...happy day...and as they say in my house: "Semper ubi sub ubi!"

    I hope you have a really great Birthday. Hugs,

  9. Happy Birthday!!

    Silverman Tri.. in Vegas..!
    learned something new for next year as my parents live in Vegas and am putting this one on the schedule for next year! thanks.


  10. Happy Birthday Sweetness!!! One year closer to ageing up!

  11. Happy b-day!!!! Looking foreward to racing w/ you at Silverman!

  12. Happy belated birthday.

    Nice charts!