Sunday, November 02, 2008

Just Stuff on the Home Front

For a few months now me and the GeekGrl have been debating whether or not to move once our youngest graduates and leaves the house this year. We really only bought our current home because we had kids and needed the extra space, it was close to where GG worked and it is in a good school district. It’s a nice home and all but she and I would prefer something smaller and since we both work in the same place now it would be nice to have something a bit closer to the job.

This last Friday GG and I went for an after work trail run in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains on a trail that has become our favorite place to run. After the run I was stretching and notice a for sale sign hanging off the wall of a home that backs right up to the open space and is like 20 feet from the trail head. Today we went and took a tour of the home and loved it. This week we are going to look into financing and possibly put our current home on the market.

Since the current market is terrible for selling but great for buying we may see if we can swing both homes but I would actually prefer not to do that but we really want this new place. So, if there is anyone out there in the market for a home in Rio Rancho, NM drop us a line.

In training news I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday was a 102 mile ride in 5 hours and 41 minutes. I think that once I have tapered and put on my race wheels that will translate in to a 6 hour bike at IMAZ, which would be great. I also got in an hour and a half run and my knee is feeling better all the time. I have discovered that the thing that really kills my knee is a lot of down hill running and there is very little of that at IMAZ so I think I’ll be good. Also my swimming has been faster than ever recently. I seriously can’t account for it because I have been swimming less than ever but I keep getting faster now my only concern is being able to sustain over 2.4 miles.

In these final three weeks leading to IMAZ I’m going to focus mostly on frequent, short distance workouts because I think more than anything I need to recover and heal. I’m feeling more and more optimistic, I sure hope the weather on race day cooperates.


  1. I love Rio Rancho and Sandia!

    And I'd live there too, though I have a mental problem with the idea of being around scorpions.

    Oh, speaking of mental problems. My father-in-law lives there and he and my wife are not on speaking terms.

    Good luck on selling the house, I wish I could be part of the solution, it just won't ever happen. I'm stuck in 6 months of winter Minnesota!

  2. Dan and I would move out there in a heartbeat if we could find jobs that pay anything like what we make here. Housing and cost of living in the Albuquerque area is quite similar to here in Houston, but jobs don't pay nearly as much. I honestly don't know how people out where you are make ends meet.

  3. sounds like a plan coming together..
    and i say keep the extra house for all your bloggie friends to stay at!


  4. You are so fast I could hate you..except you are such a great guy! Happy taper brian..see you in AZ!

  5. The short speed work sounds like a good idea.

    You've already put in the long miles.

    Looking forward to following you on race day.

    Do you have a race number yet?

  6. If I remember correctly you are a Vetran. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your service Big un.

  7. Rest up.

    Oh, I'll live in your house for free if you need me too ;)