Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Domestic Animal

I have neglected my blogging and every other online activity but I feel like I have some pretty good reasons. I am amazingly busy with the new job and since the kid is visiting family in Dallas Misty and I have occupied our new home. We have been having a blast putting things together and enjoyed a banner Christmas filled with all kinds of house wares. I have been spending a lot of time surveying my new garden and thinking up ideas for spring. Of course the garden was surprisingly neglected given the amount of activity that appeared to have gone on there but it has good bones and that is something I can capitalize on.

Our new home does not have internet at this point since we will only be there full time for the next week and then it is back to the home in Rio Rancho until further notice. This situation explains the lack of blogging etc…

My running has been rather poor over the past week mostly because of bad weather and a stronger desire to stay in my new home than to head out for a dark and cold run either before or after work. It is that time of year when it takes all my motivation just to get out there and if anything interferes then I fold pretty easily. However, I do have a 100K nipping at my heals and then there is that goal of hitting 1500 miles this year that I am painfully close to.

I’ll make the 1500 I’m certain and the 100K, well, that might get a little ugly but I am apt to arrive well rested.

Ok, gotta go pack some more stuff and run it over to the new chateau!


  1. I think a little home time is just what you need!!

  2. sounds like a nice relaxing place.
    have a great new years!