Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ready for Rocky

Time has flow by and I find myself at the brink of my third attempt at the 100 mile ultramarathon. My new job has me exceedingly busy but I love the work and feel like I'm doing well. The posting for the permanent position as Chief of Psychology came down January 30th and now comes the waiting to be scheduled for yet another interview and then the anxiety ridden days that will follow to see if I get this job I have already come to love on a permanent basis.

But enough of that, I have Rocky Raccoon to think about. I have spent a little time reading over some of my other ultramarathon posts looking for tips and tricks, hints and clues for success. I am firmly of the mind that there is nothing that can't be fixed by going slower and so I have my eye set on simply finishing within the 30 hour time limit. However, the compulsive triathlete in me refuses to give up on a multitude of sub-goals so here they are first by time and then no particular order.

1. Finish under 30
2. Finish under 27 (in other words beat my only other 100-mile time)
3. Finish under 24 hours ( I sincerely believe that I have something very close to a 24 hour finish in me if all goes well with my feet, legs and nutrition. I was on tract for a sub-24 at Lean Horse all the way to mile 84 and then my blisters struck with a vengeance)
4. Stay on top of my foot care!
5. Don't trip on roots
6. Don't spend any unnecessary time at aid stations just
a) inventory how body feels
b) get nutritional needs met
c) check "brain card" at drop bag if applicable
d) make some kind of wise crack to aid station workers
e) run away
7. Have a good time

So, I think all systems are go. The only problem I have to report is I have had persistent pain in my left calf, it almost feels like I may have pulled or torn part of my gastroc or maybe I just had a severe spasm...in any case I am hopeful that it will hold for the 100 flat miles at Rocky Raccoon. I feel like, if needed, I can slow down, deal with the pain and finish.

I have also determined that just for luck I need a theme song at least for each of the 100s I attempt so here is a geek alert for you, a little known secret about me...I happen to love classic German pop, so, having let that cat out of the bag my theme song for Rocky will be

Da-Da-Da by Trio. Enjoy!

Ok, time to work on my drop bags.

Please drop by and provide the GeekGrl with any and all kind words of encouragement. She is going for her first 50 mile finish at Rocky!


  1. Good luck on your 100 mile quest. I will be attempting my 1st 50 miler. Hope to run into you out on the trail and offer words of emcouragement!!


  2. Good luck with the run, and the job!

  3. Good Luck! And I first read "run away" as one of your goals, not something to do at an aid station and that was a bit confusing...

  4. The virtual cowbell will be ringing here! (Best of luck.)

  5. Good luck Brian!! Stay healthy!

  6. Best of luck out there.

    Take care of your feet and listen to those around you (those who offer support).

    Hope you meet ALL your goals.

  7. Good Luck with the Rocky 100. I am in for the 50 so I am sure we will cross paths.

    Jim # 514

  8. It's Buckle Time! Bring it home.

  9. Woo Hoo!

    I have just re-read LeanHorse for the 5th time, so I am now all primed and ready for your next adventure.

    Have a great run and remember those feet!

    Be safe!

  10. Hope you had a great run. Best of luck.