Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pulled the Trigger

Here I was minding my own business, planning out my next post about how I was being a good idiot and training for the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 (Yes, I'm training) and along comes my old nemesis Ironman.

Just a few short months ago I was crowing about how Ironman sucked, sold their soul to become a corporate money grubbing machine and how I was going to get back to the roots of what amateur endurance athletics is REALLY all about with the grass-roots iron-distance races and the off-beat mom and pop ultra-marathons where sometimes the only "award" you get is a chalk line to run across and permission to finally stop running.
And now, today, tonight a sweet siren song tickled my ear...Ironman St. George it sang, Ironman St. George.

I am a weak, weak man, a sucker for the latest whiz-bang thing that captures my attention.

On May 1st 2010 I will be toeing the line along with my lovely Iron Wife the GeekGrl and together we will join the Iron lemming herd to race the inaugural race.

Come friends and join us...resistance is futile.


  1. Good to have you on board. Should be a beautiful (if not painful) experience.

  2. I can see hills in that picture.....

  3. Ha! I'm in too!

    But I agree with you on feeling like WTC is just another corporation trying to suck the soul out of the original spirt. So what do I do. Yep, just like you. I give them $550.

    I am glad to be doing a non WTC ironman (B2B) but there is some draw to an actual IM event.

    See you and Misty there!

  4. The pics look nice from the IM website. Might be a consideration.

    IM will always be in your blood.

    Tahoe Rim Trail coming, that should be fun and hard way.

  5. My IMAZ cowbell will be ringing for you both -- if only virtually!

  6. Congrats. I know you guys will do well. Be intersting to see what the profile for the bike and run are.

  7. You go baby! Sounds like its gonna be a blogger meetup too!

  8. Should be a fun race..
    i'll be watchn to see when it sells out.. maybe I'll get lucky and sneak in!!


  9. That course is going to be epic. Forget PR efforts. Mere survival will be a badge of honor.

  10. I'll be there volunteering and cheering!

  11. It's amazing to me how you can choose to do an ultra distance triathlon race like an Ironman so close out & do so well. I think u missed your calling of pro-athlete.