Saturday, June 06, 2009

Good Things Come: A Milkman Race Report

Today was the 25th running of the Milkman Triathlon in Dexter New Mexico. This race happens not only to be one of the oldest triathlons in the state but it is also the state’s Best of the U.S. race and this year it was a special qualifier for the USAT Age Group Nationals. However, none of that makes this race particularly important to me. No, what makes this race important to me are the Clydesdale awards.

I have been to this race three times in my four year career in triathlon and have never won an award. The first year it was my second triathlon ever and I came in somewhere around the middle of the pack amongst the Clydes. The next year I had a fractured hip so I stood on the sidelines watching the GeekGrl do the race. The next year I was hating life at the Duceman Half-iron and last year I was the head referee. Well, this year I said enough is enough and I registered to race. I registered because I coveted the Clydesdale trophy more than any other award I have yet seen.

The race begins in a glorified pond that is generously called Lake Van. Many people call it the duck toilet because that is essentially what it is, well, that and some agricultural runoff. Yes, the awards are worth that swim. To say I haven’t been training for the swim is about as generous as calling Lake Van a lake. I think I have about 5,000 meters under my belt so far this year. I took off and actually felt pretty good though my pace was quite a way off what it was last year. It took me 10:30 to cover 500 meters.

The bike is a simple 20K out and back on amazingly bumpy roads. The roads are bumpy because they are chip seal not because they are in bad repair but it is astonishing to ride them. There are sections when it is just inconceivable that you are actually on a man made surface of any kind much less a road. Remembering this feature I rode with my tires low and ended up with a fair time considering the wind, hills and road conditions. Total time 35:40.

The run is an odd affair as it starts to circle the lake and then splits off and runs on dirt roads through a fish hatchery. At first there are all kinds of low metal buildings, the a series of ponds and then just dirt road through some scrub land. It gets baking hot out on that run. Today it hit 100 degrees and in parts of the run there is absolutely no breeze whatsoever. I was able to complete it in 25 minutes, which I felt pretty good about.

The final event, however, is the free ice cream and cold drinks. It is awesome after that hot run and being a local race there are tons of people around that you know so everyone hangs out and chats until the awards.

My effort earned me first place masters Clyde with a total time of 1:14 flat. I have finally, finally, finally won myself a Clydesdale award from the Milkman. Awesome! To top it off the GeekGrl not only took home the first place Athena award but also won third in her age group!


  1. Ice cream, cold drinks & pitchers!!

    Well done!!

  2. Goal achieved and hardware scored - nice!

  3. Sweet! Trophies always rule. Well done!

  4. Very cool! Congrats on a hell of a first season tri!