Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Of Javalenia's and Triathlons: A Santa Fe Tri Race Report

Last weekend was the second annual Santa Fe Triathlon and it was a blast. The one thing I didn't like was the fact that they don't run Clydesdale and Athena divisions but in the grand scheme of things that isn't a big deal considering the quality of the race.

The event takes place, here is your bit of New Mexico trivia, in the highest capitol city in the United States, Santa Fe at 7000 elevation. This makes for a real lung buster considering you are moving at sprint pace. My total time for the event was 1:10:57, which earned me 5th place out of 25 in the male 40-44 age group and 30 out of 130 among the male competitors.

While I am certainly happy with the race outcome I have a lot more on my mind these days. I have been going back and forth between thinking about doing Silverman at the end of my season and attempting the Javelina 100.

I have a third place finish at Silverman and would like to get one better but I know your finish ranking is a crap shoot. For some reason the idea of finishing it faster isn't really appealing without a higher finish ranking. The other pull is if I do Silverman then Ironman St. George will be my 10th iron distance race, which is kind of cool though I can get my 10th Ironman race at the Rev3 triathlon in Cedar Point, OH and combine that marker with yet another marathon in a state where I have never run a marathon.

Of course my draw to the Javelina 100 is my lack of mastery over the 100 mile ultramarathon. It really is driving me a little crazy. I am 1 for 3 at the 100 mile distance and I haven't even attempted the 100 mile ultras that made me want to get into the sport, harder races like Leadville, Western States, Wasatch and the Canadian Death Race. If I can't complete the “easier” races like Rocky Raccoon and the Javelina then what hope do I have of reaching my larger goals?

I have until July 31st before the prices go up. Things to think about.


  1. Unstoppable.

    So, we probably know my thoughts, I am all for the 100 milers since I live vicariously through your accomplishments and the thought of someday crewing (or even, dare I say, pacing) for you at Western States (the Grand Poo Bah of Ultras, if you will) is very exciting to me.

    But as you have said, you have things to ponder and to decide if this is even something you want. That is something that I, myself, had to ponder after my Ironman fiasco.

    Is this worth it when weighed against the cost to me and my family?

    I will be excited to hear your decision.

  2. Yoo hoo, Brian, this is the Silverman calling. You want to do this race again. You need to do this race again. You will do this race again. Now, hurry up and get registered!


  3. Do them both!!
    and you have a pace for the Ultra!!