Saturday, November 14, 2009

2009 Season Is In The Books

Well, my 2009 season is over and done. I might decide to pick up another race or two, a Thanksgiving race and a Christmas race fur sure but nothing that I am really considering part of my “season.” So here are ho things shook out.

Bandera 100K – 17:52:03
Rocky Raccoon DNF at mile 80 in 23 hours and 45 minutes.
Atomic Man Duathlon - 2:56:15
Run for the Zoo 10K - 49:47
Jemez Mountain Trail Runs - 2:41:10
Santa Fe Century – 5:30
Milkman Triathlon - 1:14:05
Run the Caldera - 5:22:09
BSLT 70.3 - 5:46:59
Bottomless Triathlon - 54:22
City of Santa Fe Triathlon - 1:10:57
Socorro Chili Harvest Triathlon - 1:11:07
Elvis is Alive 5K, Chicago - 22:54
Full Moon Half-Marathon, Sheboygan, WI - 1:50:27
Los Alamos Triathlon - 1:19:20
F-1 Triathlon - 1:59:53
New Mexico Marathon - 4:17:14
Elephant Man Triathlon = 2:57:16
Pajarito Trail Fest 15-mile - 3:04:14
Palo Duro Trail Run - 5:56:08
Javelina 100 – 29:44:38

Not the season I necessarily wanted but a great season by all accounts. My intent was to do more long races, ultras and maybe a couple Ironman races but a December job change that was supposed to be temporary ended up lasting for nine months and it sucked up most of my spare time and energy. The GeekGrl and I also shipped our last kiddo off to the Navy and bought a second home so in addition to the plenty that was going on there was plenty more going on in addition to that.

I was determined to make my season opener a good one because my 2008 season ended in burnout. Bandera was a great choice and I just got out there and took my sweet time and finished with a smile. I followed that up with a DNF at mile 80 at Rocky Raccoon. That was a big disappointment and really set me back on my heels. It took me until the Run the Caldera trail marathon before I recaptured the enjoyment that I usually get from racing. By that time in the season I had already decided that I just needed to really focus on having fun and stop worrying if my training was on target or if I was doing what I really needed to be doing. It was also around this time that I really just started focusing in on trail running and pretty much cut out my cycling and swimming.

Even though I was enjoying my racing more and was enjoying my running more than ever I had lost any point in the season to which I could set my sights. It was then that I really began thinking about a late season 100 and thought the Javelina may be a good choice. I hadn't decided on it yet but I did start training for it. By the time I made the decision I had missed the cutoff but went ahead and put myself on the waiting list and kept training. In a short time I got the e-mail letting me know I was in and I really finally felt like I was back, my focus and motivation; in short, my old racing self.

I may not have run a great time at Javelina but I just can't stop thinking about how happy I was with that race for many different reasons. However, at the most basic level, I just feel like Javelina was a very real, very important and very positive turning point in my ultrarunning. After Javelina I now know that I can probably complete any 100-mile race out there if I focus my training and if I can hold to a minimum the mistakes I have made in the past. Some that I really want like Leadville and Western States would require that I make no mistakes but that doesn't worry me any more. I go out and just keep going until I'm done or I'm pulled; simple.

So, with that said I plan on making Leadville my number one goal for my 2010 season. There is still some uncertainty because I am also in the Western States lottery and if I get in to WS on December 5th then it will become the focus of my season and I will just wait to make any other plans with respect to Leadville.

I'm feeling like next year is going to be pretty exciting. I'm looking forward to its arrival.


  1. Dude that looks like a Stellar' year!!! You learned and conquered.

    I'm pumped for you on WS and Leadville!


  2. I'm glad you were able to "squeeze" a "few" races in this year.

    100 miles is still a WOW!

    Enjoy the rest and good luck for the lottery.

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