Saturday, December 05, 2009

No Western States For You!

Come back - one year!
That about says it all. I can't say that I'm too disappointed because I signed up in order to start on my two-time loser status. One thing that worries me though is that I just had a friend tell me this morning that Western States has stopped this practice but I don't know, there isn't any way to tell on the WS website that I could find.
Now to get down to planning my 2010 season.


  1. Your friend is correct. The two time loser is gone. In fact, this year, 2010, was the last year for the last of the TTL's to get in.

  2. soooo.... does that mean you're in for Leadville?? It'll be an Outlaw party on the trails and roads!

  3. good Pic!! haha..
    sucks tho..
    Dont know anyone that applied that got in, Tough!

    Leadville here you come!


  4. Hope you get in eventually!

  5. I peeped at the runner list a while ago, and was bummed to not see your name.

    I know, such a stalker. Bet you didn't think becoming an ultra runner would garner you a little pink groupie ;)