Thursday, April 22, 2010

St. George Draws Nigh

Over the past year I have gone from feeling kind of burnt out on triathlon to simply not caring one way or the other about the sport. I know, blasphemer! Well, what can I say, in the past 4 years I've done about 100 multisport events, the overwhelming majority of which have been triathlons and seven of those have been Ironman distance races. In life I am more of a dabbler than an obsessive type. True, when I lock onto something I tend to take it about as far as it goes mostly because I like to see where things lead. I guess you could say I like to have the full experience.

Anyway, St. George will be my eighth Ironman and despite the fact that it is coming up May 1st I am still sort of waiting for that old sense of motivation to arrive. Well, actually at this point I am more waiting to see how I do on my “training” because I think it will be a hoot to report on.

I have not swum 2.4 miles since Ironman Arizona 2008 and I have not ridden a bike 112 miles since Ironman Arizona 2008. However, I have gotten a few good long runs ranging in distance from 50K to 100 miles since then so there is that.

Thus far during the 2010 calender year I have logged a grand total of 4,555.65 meters of swimming and 237.68 miles on the bike. Whoo-hoo! That is less swimming than I would normally do in one week of Ironman training and less biking than I would do in maybe a week and a quarter of Ironman training. On the other hand, I have logged 629.82 miles of running, which pretty much puts me on track for my Leadville goal.

I am looking forward to being around the Ironman scene, I am looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers and hanging out with my Outlaw peeps, I am looking forward to seeing St. George Utah...I just don't care all that much about the race. Don't get me wrong, I want to finish. The GeekGrl and I briefly had a conversation about bagging the race altogether but I said hell no, I am committed to doing that race and really I am...I am just not committed to having a good race. I am actually more interested in being the class clown of Ironman St. George squeaking by with a finish all the while playing grab-ass while everyone else has been training.

Oh well, it is a goal of sorts.

I will probably also stipp be sporting a recent knee injury. Oh yes, I was running like a mad man down the side of a mountain out behind my house and when I looked back to see if my peeps were still within sight I slid on some loose gravely soil and 1) landed hard on one knee on the rocks, 2) heard a sickening squelching-crunching sound 3) fell forward with my head pointing in the downhill direction with my arms still at my side and 4) ended up wedged between two boulders unable to move.

Fortunately I had someone not too far behind me who was able to extract me otherwise I suppose I would have had to remain wedged between those boulders until I became emaciated enough to slide out with the assistance of gravity. I don't think I have done any permanent damage but then again I haven't consulted my sports medicine guy yet. However, I haven't stopped running either so that must mean something positive, right? I know, I know, I plan to get it checked out in a more professional manner than me just running around while loaded up on Advil and Tylenol.

My number for St. George will be 1645. Look me up, see what happens...I may just surprise you.


  1. I won't be surprised if you rock it out. I am always inspired and impressed, but not surprised :)

    I will be tracking. I hope you guys have a great time and I can't wait to read the grab-ass report!

    Re: your comment The Dammit Man?! That is awesome. Hmm... I may have to travel to NM for something like that!

  2. Wow you read Japanese now!! You are da man!!

    Being as STG is upon you and the swim/bike portions are no where near your expectations of training and you are already mentally conseeded to a so so race which is all fine and dandy but my thoughts are for you to really enjoy the race. The Course. The people. Look at it as a way to see the race in a different light than your previous 7 where you RACED and yelled out "on your left" and watched your pace, and your time the whole day.

    Enjoy it out there and use it as a time to rest that knee and build your legs for Leadville. I think you will have a much more fun time if you stay within yourself and enjoy this race for what it is, a race event leading to Leadville.

    Don't worry so much about the competition in your AG or self-competition because you simply can't compare your performance without putting in the swim/bike training or else you will be down and out the whole day or post-race.
    Bring home the IM Finishers Medal and hat and enjoy the race.

    rockon' my friend!! rockon'

  3. I hear the knee has gotten to you?

    If that is the case, then rest up. SG is a stepping stone, but the real prize is Leadville. Don't let a silly IM get in the way of the penultimate.

    Rest up and race hard (When your knee says too!)

  4. Ugh. I just got word of the knee as well. I really hope it is nothing serious. Wishing you a speedy recovery. :)

    Sorry to hear about IM SG, but I am glad to hear you will still get a vacation out of it. Relax and enjoy the beautiful life you two have built. That is better than any ol' IM.