Friday, January 14, 2011

Top 25 Reasons that Trail Running is Better than Sex

A recent thread on the ultralist brought these to my attention. I modified some of the list and added some of my own. Not my usual thing but it's one way to start off the new year.

25. Trails don't get jealous of other trails.
24. You can stop to eat during trail runs.
23. Your trail running partners won't mock your awkward form behind your back.
22. You can discuss the details of when you lost your trail running virginity with anyone.21. You can plan for trail runs months in advance.
20. Vigorous trail running lasting more than four hours is still a lot of fun.19. You can meet a variety of new people and develop meaningful relationships during a trail run.
18. You don't have to hide your copies of Trail Runner and UltraRunning magazine.
17. You can share your latest trail running experience with your family.
16. Trail running is good even if you're partner is unskilled.
15. You can take lots of pictures and show them to anyone.
14. Your dog to join you on a trail run.
13. Even a bad trail runner can run a beautiful trail.
12. In trail running owning dirty girls isn't illegal or immoral.
11. Trail running injuries are easier to explain.
10. You can still maintain your circle of friends if you admit to an obsession with trail running.
9. If you need to pee or vomit you can just go off to the side of the trail and then get right back at it.
8. In trail running the statement "Hey, let's add do a fat ass" is perfectly acceptable.
7. In trail running you can watch live results on the internet without feeling creepy.
6. In trail running you can use a pacer.
5. Anyone can expect to get in several good trail runs in a year.
4. You can run with someone different every night of the week and not get a bad reputation.
3. It isn't embarrassing when people find out you train a lot on your own.
2. You will not be ostracized if you ask your friends to join you on a group trail run.

And the number one reason that trail running is better than sex:

Your partners are impressed if you finish your trail run much faster than anyone else they have ever been with.

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  1. #26: You can ask your wife to trail run with another girl and she won't hit you.

    #27: If a run lasts more than 6 hours, you aren't urged to call a medical professional.