Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Halfway through the Grand Slam and Still Slammin'

I thought I'd just write a quick note at the mid-point of my journey to complete the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning.  Sometime back in May before the Slam had started I e-mailed with a fellow New Mexican ultrarunner who had also completed the Grand Slam and he said the one thing he wished he had done is keep a better attitude during the Slam.  I think what he was alluding to is that he was starting to get burned out.  I have really kept that in mind and am glad to say that my attitude, my excitement for the next run, is as high as ever.  After Western States I spent 5 days in total recovery mode then went out for a six mile run the following Saturday and again on Sunday.  I put in a total of 26 miles the week after Western States and 35 miles the week after that then I tapered down to 15 miles the week of the race and ran Vermont.  That last week, the week of Vermont I was dying to run like I hadn't races in months.  Right now I'm just over a week out of Vermont and I ran two six milers this weekend, rested Monday and ran 6.2 this morning.  I'm still feeling really good and am super motivated for Leadville.

Leadville is like a big party because I have so many friends running and pacing and I'm hoping to better my time of 27:35 that I ran in 2010 but of course I'll be happy with the finish.  I'm also getting increasingly excited about Wasatch.  I love that race even though it serves up quite a beating.  It's a beautiful race.  I'm actually feeling so good that I'm thinking I'll run the Javelina Jundred in late October.  Misty was happy with her performance at the Vermont 100k and is hoping she can capitalize on that race and some long awaited training time so she can break her 100K PR at Javelina.  We also have a lot of friends going there so yet another party, of course Javelina is always a party no matter who is there.


  1. Keep Slammin' Big B!! you are going to do great!!
    Hope to see ya at JJ100...