Sunday, November 26, 2006

Any given weekend

This is one of my favorite statements, any given weekend. I use in in two specific contexts. The time I use it most is when I am talking to others about racing. On any given weekend you just don't know who might show up and who will show up with their best game. You may reasonably believe you will win, place, finish etc... but on any given weekend things may not go your way or they may totally go your way.

The other context I use the phrase is as in "You never know what people are doing on any given weekend" I have been amazed at the time and energy people put into triathlon and three years ago I would have been completely oblivious to all the goings on that now take up a good third of my life. Well, this morning on my long run I was with friends and we ran into yet more friends. While we stopped to talk the topic of an "Ultrarunning cult in New Mexico" came up. I was stunned, not that there may be a cult in New Mexico but that I had not heard of this thing.

I promptly came home and did my research and this is what I found, Devine Madness. Originally based in Boulder, CO and now located in Reserve, NM.

Any given weekend...


  1. What amazes me, on any given weekend, is what passes for sport in other peoples' lives. Yeah, I know I sound snobby. Don't care. XOXOXO

  2. on any given weekend you run in to the nicest people out there...and some pretty nice looking cranes too!

  3. dude - that's a ton of races (reference other comment) - I cut back from this past season with 12 events - down to 8 for '08 - just to try and be a little more focused and not "over-raced". Who knows - like you said, it's a bunch of fun!