Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pee R; My RRAZ Race Report

Oh...My...GOD! IF I had gone for a PR (personal record) today there is no way I would have made it had everything but my training been the same. However, I did set a personal Pee R...6 times...all before mile 18!

Today was my first run since December 10th when I had to stop at mile 6 of a long run because my foot hurt to bad. Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in the third metatarsal of my right foot.

I was a good boy and did not run at all the entire time but I was able to keep up on my cardio fitness, somewhat, on the bike.

I went to the Doc's office last Tuesday and he declaired me healed and said I could start running I ran.

Instead of just hobbling around out on the course I took the opportunity to run this race with my wife. How often do you get the chance to run side by side with your love for her very first marathon?

Her goal was to run the event in 6 hours or less. She had planned out her race to actually get in a just a few minutes after 6 hours but was hoping to get in faster.

My goal was to run the entire marathon right by her side and be a good companion...oh, and not break anything.

I ended up running almost every step by her side. During my first three bathroom breaks Misty stopped with me but this was a no go, I was holding her back. During the next three breaks I just told her to keep going at pace and I would catch up.

I just kept running and talking and looking around and really had a good time. My feet started hurting and my quads were pretty sore but I felt amazingly good for not having run in a month and a half.

Calories burned: 5030

Min HR: 44

Max HR: 189 (don't know what that was about)

Ave HR: 122

26.2 miles 5:59:54...We Did It!

During the last 1/10th of a mile she started picking up the pace and then we held hands and ran, corssed the finish line together holding hands raised above our head in victory.

We even dropped a few people.

It was a great experience, I reccomend it to anyone.


  1. Read your wife's race report! Way to go for both of you!

  2. Yaaay! That's so sweet! Go Brian!

    ...and I'm trying not to feel like a total puss here...

  3. That's AWESOME!!!

    Way to recover and start running again - on a marathon with your wife.

    Good luck on your next no pee PR.

  4. What an awesome story. I read her report also. Congradulations on a great memory.

  5. That is so awesome that you two ran the whole way together! Congratulations!

  6. (Big dreamy sigh!) You guys are so awesome!

  7. awwww....glad your foot held up!

  8. Very impressive recovery from a fracture to a marathon in such a short time. And this thing, crossing the finish line while holding hands, it's like in the movies. I ran the half in AZ, it was cool in more than one way, weather considerations included, he, he. I am so in awe of both of you.

  9. Pretty awesome, glad you are back to running again. Congrats to you and your wife. Not many people can say they ran a marathon with their spouse.