Friday, July 20, 2007

Changin’ My Moniker

I’m going a little consolidating and have decoded to change my profile name from Myles to S. Baboo. Myles is my Tri team nickname earned when I was laying down 800+ miles on the bike every month last year and it was cemented with a 1000+ mile month.

S. Baboo a.k.a. Sweet Baboo a.k.a. Sweetness was earned for some unknown reason but it was bestowed by the GEEKGRL and if it’s good enough for her it’s good enough for me…besides it has grown on me in a way Myles hasn’t.

Since there isn’t much else to this post…the money shot from this years Buffalo Springs 70.3.

Now it’s off to do the Mountain Man half-iron!
I am a lucky, lucky man.


  1. Hey, who is that chica with the big white belly? Certain can't be me...

  2. So long Myles

    Welcome Mr. Baboo

  3. I have to call you S. Baboo? Geekgirl won't get jealous will she? :-)

  4. What the Pirate said!

    I'll probably make mistakes and still call you Myles on occasion. ;-)

  5. I'm sorry but I can see rigth though your ploy. How can you get pscyched up to race against a dude named Sweetness? Psychological games you shrink, you! Ok, no Myles, and I'm gonna think hard about Sweetness....

  6. good luck at the race and can't wait for the report.

  7. It does take a little edge off the toughness scale, but I'm sure we shall all get used to it eventually.
    After all Walter Payton was about the toughest football player ever, and HE was a Sweetness!

  8. I am glad you told us how you came by that name. That is a lot of mileage on the bike. Do you mind if I call you Mr. Baboo? I feel strange calling another guy I really don't know "sweet" anything. But hey, you've earned the right to be called whatever the heck you want to be called at this point in my book. Hope the race went well. I am sure you PR'd.