Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thanks for Asking

After my last post it was suggested that maybe I should stop the smackage about the 101 and focus on a little race I have coming up soon, Ironman Louisville. I know I haven't posted much about my preps for Louisville and mave mostly been either doing race reports of talkin' smack but I have been training and my mind is in the right place, I believe. Let me recap some of the things I've been up to regarding IMKY.

I've been putting in some decent training mileage, not huge but decent.

Swim: 21,000 meters
Bike: 485 miles
Run: 93 miles

Swim: 23,000 meters
Bike: 610 miles
Run: 108 miles

I have not worked very hard on my bike but have spent a lot of time in the saddle trying to help the GRRKGRL get her mileage in. I have been working on my run and swim though and have dropped my half iron swim from about 37 minutes to 34 minutes. I also have noticed improvements in my run. About a month ago I did a 16 mile run at an average pace of 10:15 min miles and just yesterday i did a 16.7 mile run at an average pace of 10 min miles with a negative split. (sorry I am temporarily sans Garmin data because i spilled a cup of water on my lap top...we are still hoping it works in a couple days).

My major goal this training cycle is to try and dramatically improve my nutrition and pacing. I think I have accomplished that to a great degree. My pacing at Buffalo Springs was very good but I still felt kind of bloated off the bike and that caused me some trouble on the run. At the Mountain Man I came off the bike with my stomach feeling fine and if my legs would have been in better shape I probably would have had a very good race.

My goals for IMKY are simple, good nutrition, good pacing, finish feeling good. With respect to time, I don't have any goal. This race is kind of like pushing the reset button, a chance to get my head on straight at the Iron distance. Of course I will need some kind of pace to follow so I will probably be aiming for something in the mid 13 hour range.

Worry not sports fans, I am focused. I am clear about my goals and feel ready. I am more excited about the GEEKGRL and her first attempt at the Ironman so I guess i just haven't had much to say about my own race.

Oh, and I do have a bit of competition going on. Fellow Outlaw, actually the Outlaw team founder Wiz will be at IMKY and he and I are pretty evenly matched. This will be his third IM and it will be my third. His best IM time is better than mine but we do tend to go back and forth at the races so I'll be on the lookout for him and I'm sure he'll be on the lookout for me.


  1. Never doubted you weren't ready for KY - I know you'll kick some ass and take some names!

  2. Arrrrgggh!!!! Water & laptop? I may have nightmares ...

    Reset buttons are good. You and the GeekGirl are going to have a fine IM in Louisville!

  3. Dude you put up some unbelievable training numbers. Plus you have a real job too. Makes it even more amazing. Outlaw gear for IMKY correct? Need to know what jersey to look for on IM live.

  4. Good numbers!

    Reset button is a nice thought.

    You don't really need a pace to follow if you *stick to heart rate/power/perceived exertion limits*! Just sayin'....

  5. hey the smack talkn keeps it all fun! I know your workn` at it so keep with it and stay having fun.


  6. Of course Brent is correct...I'll be following HR and perceived exertion. I HOPE that the day (weather) will allow those levels of effort to make for a 13 some hour day. Of course my major problem at IMAZ was that I did NOT follow my HR just pace and perceived exertion and because of the high wind I was actually working too hard and blew up.

    Just as an added note I now know that once my HR starts hitting in the 170+ range there is pretty much no retreat unless I stop and rest or walk for a while, it will just continue to drift higher bit by bit and once I hit 180 I have little time left. This is info I did not have at IMAZ.

  7. Hope the laptop repairs itself- that sucks.
    It's so cool that you are so supportive of geekgirl - we'll be ringing the cowbell somewhere for you both!

  8. I'm still debating wether i want to go out to KY and watch you all or not

  9. There is no stopping you! You are going to kick butt in KY..

  10. I feel I must justify the Frostick. We dont have hills here on the beach, we have bridges, massive bridges with steep inclines. And I do all my climbing in the appaliachians :)

  11. Sounds like your training is right on target. I will be there to cheer you and geekgirl on. i am volunteering at the first transition and the finish line.

  12. I like the RESET button thingy, that works, forget about the past and kickass for the future..

    I'm sure you will do that at IMKY..

    I'm sure the smackage will get you thru the tough parts that day..