Thursday, October 11, 2007

Early 2008 Season Planning

Ok, I know I have Silverman looming on the horizon, I am aware of that daily but still I am dying to get to my winter marathon season. As a matter of fact I can’t wait to get through next Tri season so I can get to my NEXT marathon season. I think the main reason is that I am dying to really make some attempts at ultramarathon running. I did one but I want to do more. I had a big plan to get into it last year and then I fractured my foot so I changed directions and went a little into ultracycling. I honestly didn’t like the ultracycling all that much. It takes too damn long to train up all those miles.

Anyway, I am feeling like having a good winter season and I feel like I have learned a lot about running and how I need to do it to stay healthy. This being the case I, actually the GEEKGRL and I, have at least two runs planed. On the 5th of January we will be running the inaugural Mississippi Blues Marathon in Jackson, MS. This will give us a Mississippi marathon in our quest to join the 50 States Marathon Club.

Next up will be the Black Warrior 50K in Moulton Alabama deep in the Bankhead National Forest. This will be our Alabama race and our first trail ultra ever. Actually it will be our first organized trail run ever and I can’t wait. Not only that but the race location is right next to Oakville Alabama the birthplace of Jesse Owens, a true American hero. This is one museum we are definitely going to see for a little pre-race motivation.

I think we will be looking for something else in March but I’m not sure it’s really going to depend on how things are going and how close to IMCDA we think we can reasonably get away with running something like a marathon or 50K. I’m also thinking about ending my 2008 tri season in either in August or September so I can make an attempt on some really big distances or at least work my way up to see how far I might want to go. In my mind I’d like to do a 100 miler but I’m so far from that that I can’t even make a reasonable judgment about that so I will need time to test out a 50 miler and see if I want to move on to a 100K and then maybe the 100 miler. I dunno, are there any big distance ultra runners out there that can advise me on the progression?


  1. gadz!.. im winded just reading about running Ultras! U da man!

    nice planning tho..


  2. Funny - I'm trying to fight my tendency to add events to my calendar, because I'd like to train without scheduling a lot of post-event recovery. Maybe I should just skip the post-event recovery process - seems to work for you!

  3. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Sounds like some exciting winter running goals! Best of luck with your training.

  4. I have some advise for therapy.

  5. I'd be glad to give you my thoughts in ultra distance running. As a matter of a
    fact I did an 8 miler just 2 days ago. LOL. All kidding aside, I know you. You
    are gifted, dedicated, and will percevere through all manner of obstacles. You
    will acomplish it once you decide to reach for it.

  6. I'm not a big time UltrRunner, but I think a gradual progression is the way to go. I'm contemplating a 100 miler, and would not even consider that if I do not do a couple of 50 milers and 50k's before that..

    You can do it, it's more how your body can handle the training, especially the long ass RUNS that are needed at least once a week.

    But the Ultra world is worth it. I think so anyways.

  7. 50 states club sounds way cool. When ya get to WI, you guys can stay with us!
    (Madison Marathon is in the end of May..... food for thought)

  8. Funny coincidence--I didn't know you guys were interested in doing Ultra's. I just happened to post what I did because I was astonished at what I was reading. I actually answered your comment about running into the mouth of an active's an event not quite as severe as that, but almost :)

    I think the 50 states club is a great idea. Great goals. Great fun. Of course, as always, be good to your bones. I don't think I can run Ultra's because I have to be good to my knees. However, 10 years ago, I never thought I would be able to do what I am doing now, just because of those same knees, which really have just gotten stronger over the I guess you never know.

  9. Big Fun!

    Started on the 50 States goal a few years back and will pick up state #6 at marathon #11 in Detroit this weekend.

    Love Jesse Owens...even named my right leg after him. The left one is Jerome --Jesse's friend in the Morris Day and Time song, Jungle love.