Friday, October 19, 2007

Hello, My Name is Baboo and I am a Race-a-holic

My 2006 season was sick. I raced in 24 events. Most of them were sprint triathlons but there was also a marathon, ultramarathon, half-ironman and a full ironman. But that’s ok because you know, I was just trying to get a feel for things…it was all, um, research.

My 2007 season was even sicker. By the end I will have raced in 21 events, which includes two ultramarathon cycling events, one marathon, four half-irons and three iron distance races. But you know me, ever the research scientist just testing my hypotheses about various race strategies, nutritional approaches and pacing schemes. I hasten to add that I have learned a lot…really…I think I’m getting this Ironman thing figured out.

My 2008 season, well, um…it’s in the planning stages…ahem. I swear I won’t race as much as I have the past couple years…scouts honor. I have heard the people in their wisdom…race less…train more.

So…I am registered for IMCdA, that’s no seceret. Wanting to get in some good base miles I am doing the obligatory winter marathon and have chosen the inaugural Mississippi Blues Marathon and since I will have that under my belt why not treat it as my long run for an early season ultra? So, as I have publicly admitted, I will be toeing the line at the Black Warrior 50K right alongside the GEEKGRL.

Now, you know…I have had a hankering to tackle me a 50 mile ultramarathon…sooo, I could use my 50K as a long run in preparation for an early season 50 mile race. My choice, the Grasslands 50 mile just outside Decatur, TX…a scant 585 miles from my house.

A friend of mine e-mailed me today and told me about this great marathon, great course and great scenery, the Ogden Marathon in Ogden, UT. He is in and it takes place May 17th…Hmmm, that’s a whole month away from IMCdA and more than a month after my 50 miler. Ok, stop twisting my arm…I’m in.

Now, step inside my head for a moment if you please. This all seems perfectly reasonable to me. The logic is undeniable…right? he, he, he…

I’m kicking around the idea of doing a 100K and a 100 mile ultramarathon. No, no, not before IMCdA…after. I am eyeballing the Katcina Mosa 100K Mountain Run in Orem, UT on August 2nd and then the Javelina 100 in Phoenix, AZ on October 27th or the Cactus Rose 100 mile in Bandera, TX on November 1st.

So here is what is worrying me…what if I go from a 50 miler to a 100 miler without the ensuing 100K? I’m sure lots of people do it, right? So…if I were to do that then I could slide on in to…Leadville…yes, the race across the sky.

Please help…please?


  1. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. We're proud of you.

  2. i have no advice about the ultras, i just wanted to say i got tired just reading your plans. :-)

    i'm the opposite. i pick one or two races a year and just train like mad for those. i wonder since you race so much (basically once every two weeks, right?) if you're always just trained - there are no "build" or "recovery" cycles? how do your tapers go or do you just skip the taper part?

  3. OMG...I can't wait to hear how it goes! I'm worried about running a mere 26.2 miles.

    I didn't know there was a 100 mile race in in-laws live close to that area.

  4. And I thought you were sane! You seem sane, you look sane, but alas, you are INSANE! :-)

  5. Ooh Leadville... my buddy is running it next year, I am going to pace him... so that could be cool if you decide to do it.

    How about doing the VT 50 miler with me in Sept? Just wanted to throw that out there...

    I hear ya on the race-aholic thing... but asking us is not going to get you anywhere. That's like asking a bunch of crackheads "should I buy more crack?"

  6. How about adding this to your schedule: Boom Days Pack Burro Race
    Leadville, Colorado, course - 22 miles following 4-wheel drive roads to summit of Mosquito Pass through historic mining district. Weight of pack saddle and gear must be 33 pounds regardless of donkey's size.

  7. I really like duane's suggestion. The "burro" race. I would like to do as well..

    I think the biggest difference between running 100 and 50 milers, is the night running and going 24 to 30 hours straight..I think you can skip the 100k and make the jump. That is my plan anyways, from 50 to 100 milers.

    BUt to handle that Ultra load, you might have to sacrafice your TRI racing somewhat..

    I do think you do have a racing problem, join the club..

    You should go for the "grand slam" in ultrarunning..

    ps. Ice Age 50 miler Ultra with me and Ironjenny?

  8. I'm more like Momo in my training and racing but to each his own.

    A comment that you left on Biguns site a while back about having been enlightend to the level of base an athlete builds/loses over time should answer your question.

    You don't need to do the 100k, in my opine.

  9. A 100 mile Ultramarathon = involuntary commitment, injection and seclusion and restraint. (do you guys call them Code Greens?)

    Are these safe?? Seriously?

  10. Wow,that's one busy busy busy schedule.
    I'm not sure you are right in the head, but do what you love and enjoy yourself. Carpe Diem!

  11. That's a lot of running. I think you will surprise a lot of people and yourself.

    If you are riding behind someone and decide to pass, but halfway through the pass you can't make it (either the guy speeds up, you enounter a hill, you run out of gas or whatever) can you just drop back to the 4 lenghts or do you get penalized.

    I hate to bring it to light but you did promise a rule at the end of every post and damit...I liked that.

  12. Wow, you are amazing S Baboo! Oh wait, I'm enabling-bad clyd! Better? But
    seriously, could you really pull that off. You are the most determined
    triathlete I've ever met, but I think that's impossible!