Saturday, May 24, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes

I respect anyone who can talk some good smack. Really, there is nothing else like it in the world of male entertainment. Mom Baboo was always horrified when my brothers and I would pelt each other with withering volleys of insults and the GeekGrl was very alarmed when our boys became old enough to shower each other with slander but really it’s all in good fun.

In the world of sports it’s especially funny when a lesser opponent takes a first shot at a greater opponent. It is funny not only because of the creativity that is often employed in good smack talking but it is funny because it reveals the wide eyed innocence of the neophyte.

A couple posts back the Bigun wrote a poem that resulted un an unwarranted attack. Mrs. Bigun came to his aid and I responded with a friendly and supportive limerick.

There once was a man from Brandon
On the shores of CdA he was standin’
First the swim then the ride
Through the marathon he flied
And across the finish line he was landin’

Ok, so maybe not the best but there it is. So then the Bigun just goes ape shit writing limericks on his blog and like any kid who has found a new toy he plays with them until something goes wrong, yes, he posted a smack talkin’ limerick on MY blog! I was innocently posting a recent race report and WHAM!

There once was a man named Baboo
who forgot Ironman had a bike too!
His run kicked some ass
but his bike lacked pizzaz
So now Bigun will finish before you!

Top marks for creativity Bigun, top marks but now you have forced me to take you to iron school on June 22nd and here, my friend, is my rejoinder.

There once was a man with audacity
His reality had no veracity
He bit off more than he could chew
When he challenged Baboo
Who had to make clear the Bigun’s incapacity.

Train well Bigun.


  1. There's gonna be a rumble in Idaho!

  2. Hey, you could have highlighted the "nice" one I did for you before the smackage!

    There once was the Bigun and Sweetness
    Whos race riveled that of the Preakness
    Two big fellows they
    Clydesdales don't eat hay
    They feast on each others weakness!

    This is very, very imputant smack talking....I'll be lucky just finish my friend.

  3. A poetry smackdown....who'd have thought you guys could pull that off and look tough. Huh.

  4. A poetry smackdown....who'd have thought you guys could pull that off and look tough. Huh.

  5. I can just picture you two big blokes doing the girly handslap fight LOL ROFL

  6. I'm just impressed that these boys know such big words. I feel all smartified.

  7. As a teacher of teenagers I LOVE smack talking! And smack talking in limericks? That is true talent! You guys are hilarious!

    Thank you so much for the advice. I am so new to this that I don't even know what to ask, but I have a million questions. Does that make sense?

  8. Oh dang. That is going to be one heck of a race. Which Clyd will prevail? Both
    of you guys are dang fast. I can't wait.

  9. Lol. Now that is sum good smack talkn'. I'll be in the back just hoping 2 finish!I'm stayn outta that one!