Monday, May 05, 2008

I’m Already Winning at the Lean Horse Hundred

First I want to thank you all for your kind words on my last post. I certainly appreciate people’s support.

So today I received a letter from Jerry Dunn, the race director of the Lean Horse Hundred and Half-Hundred. Inside was a note from him letting me know that I had been randomly selected for a one-year subscription to Trail Runner magazine! How cool is that! I didn’t even know there was a pre-race prize drawing. The race doesn’t even take place until August 23rd and I’ve already given them my money so it’s not like they have to win me over to anything. What could this be, a race just doing things for the athletes who have registered with them because…why? Maybe because they feel a sense of kinship with their athletes, a kind of “These are our athletes for this year so let’s get this party started.”

I had a similar experience with the Oklahoma City Redman Iron-distance triathlon and the Silverman Iron-distance triathlon. These grass roots race organizations are just great!

Maybe you should consider joining me at one.


  1. If all I had to do to get a magaazine subscription was run 100 miles....well mate I think I'll just cough up the cash LOL
    No, really, that's lovely :)Next summer I'm going to venture further afield for my races.

  2. That same thing happend to me - have a great lean horse. And sorry for experience last race.

  3. that is really cool-you desreve it brian!

  4. It's just a case of South Dakota should remember it...or have you been gone too long?

  5. You are a blog SUPERSTAR!

    It is like Prada giving Paris Hilton a free pair of shoes, just to be seen wearing them.

    Face it, soon you will have blog paparazzi following you and catching you in embarrassing situations with your Zipps, or Desoto, or Litespeed (any brand here).

    Just don't get to the point where you are like a race car driver and bring up the name of every single sponsor in every conversation.

  6. Alright already!

    I'll join you on a race! Sheesh, the constant badgering wasn't enough now you posted it out there for everyone.

    Man! Talk about embarrassing.

    :) about Silverman??

  7. I actually like the magazine, and you get a digital version as well.. Pretty cool I think..

    So you adding more Iron-distance stuff to the list??

  8. I love these smaller grassroots type of races too. Redman is in my future. Congrats on your prize and, FWIW, you gave it your best shot at your last race and that's all you can do. Best of luck at Lean Horse!

  9. clydeologist gets swag!!!!

    good on you sir...

    previous post... wow..gutwrenching...
    your turned quite a phrase...beautiful words...tragic

    great writing brian