Thursday, June 26, 2008

IMCdA Pics

The reason I think I was able to compete so well at IMCdA is because at some level I knew Action Sports International (ASI) had their best photographers out on the course. Now all I need to do is go and decide which three photos to select. I think I'm going to order the "Triathlon Triple Print" but I am really conflicted about which pics to get. On the one hand I would like a swim, bike, run set up but I really love my finish line photo and the one with the finishers medal.

Decisions, decisions. In the mean time here are a few of my photos.
Out of the water I'm being very sportsman like and not shoulder checking other athletes like some people I know. I'm glad I get out of the water before her...sheesh!. On the bike you can see the train of people getting ready to pass me on this hill but I'm being a good boy and following my plan.

Now I'm up to cruising speed on the slight downhill back in to town and headed out for the run.

The death march is nothing to fear because as you can see at some point it will end if you are patient.

Finally getting to rear back and deliver the hammer blow to the finish line. I just can't tell you how excited I was to see my time. The volunteers who caught me and kept me upright at the finish actually stood me up for a moment and took a step back so i could get my freshly finished photo op. I was able to stand under my own power for the pic then wavered a bit and they hauled me off to the resting area, not the medical tent mind you, just some lawn chairs and pizza.


  1. great pictures!
    My vote- get them all! (I can spend other people's money like nobody's business)

  2. My vote:
    Bike no 2
    run no 1
    medal shot

    All of them are good but I can see you wouldn't want to pay money for a photo of yourself looking miserable

  3. I think you should get a swim, a bike and then the finishline picture. That still counts as running, and so you'll have a nice 3-sport set. :)

  4. Get all but 1st. Bike and 2nd Run.

  5. Since we are voting..

    I vote:

    1. Swim (one of the best out of the swim pics I have ever seen. Seriously, very superhero)

    2. Bike 2

    3. Finish crossing or medal (they are both great.)

  6. That swim shot is awesome!! You HAVE to get that one, you look so super cool and strong! I like bike #2 and if you're only getting three then a finish line one. Great pictures!

  7. I love these pictures. Some day I'll have a real office and I want these pictures in it. I'm still bitter about the pizza. <3

  8. Cool pics. It was great to meet you on the bike!! It seemed like we kept passing each other too.

  9. Great photos!

    I vote for #1, 3 and 7

  10. I vote for #1 - it shows your heritage as a big strong Norseman! #3 - a good shot on the bike, and #7 shows your elation on a good strong finish! Send me a set!

  11. Anonymous7:12 AM

    I keep looking for a clydesdale in those pictures, and I just don't see one.

    Of course, "Studies in SkinnyManOlogy" just doesn't have much of a ring to it...

  12. I always look like such a tool in race pictures. But your look great! Although you are covering up the letter that proceeds "A" in the first photo and that made me giggle a little :-)