Monday, June 09, 2008

Still Alive

I have been too busy, too tired or simply too lazy to post recently but I am still alive and kicking, or at least shuffling.

The week after I admitted to being pretty toasted I still had a big week, the final push to CdA and I made it through. The weekend included my first "short" long run of 18 miles and I was able to hold a 9 minute pace though my legs felt, well, not exactly dead they just didn't feel much at all. The run was pretty mechanical but I got through it fine.

Last Sunday the Geekgrl and I rode as bandits, yes BANDITS, in a local ride. We figured it was just a ride, not a race, we carried our own stuff and I was kind enough to pull some roadies much of the way out to their destination. The ride went out to a place called Gliman tunnels. A friend told me that the major battle scene from the movie "300" was filmed at the Gilman tunnels, the part of the movie where they are holding the Persian army at the narrow road between the cliff face and the drop off into the ocean.

Anyhow the ride was beautiful! There is nothing like spring rides in New Mexico. I ended up getting in 107 mile and kind of did some long hard effort intervals at the beginning of the ride and at the end and spent a lot of time in between riding zone 2 and enjoying the scenery.

We rode up through this valley.

We rode along a narrow winding road through this gorge.

Past this tree.

And up through the Gilman tunnels to the turn-around point

where we were treated to a view of this rushing creek far below.

At the end of the day I was baked and as much as I wanted to post about the ride I just didn't have the energy. I have been very focused on my recovery all week and finally feel like I am starting to get my energy and vitality back.
This weekend I was head ref at the Milkman Triathlon, a sprint distance race that serves as the individuals New Mexico State Championship and qualifier for the Best of the U.S. The race has been run for the past 24 years and went off without a hitch. Next year I am going to race it, I'm not missing the 25th year anniversary. The Geekgrl came away with a first place finish and she was well away from the back of the pack. She may just have to change her blog by line to "Tales from the middle of the pack."

Yesterday was my last longish workout and it was supposed to be at Ironman pace. The bike was 55 miles and I was able to complete it in 2:43 with an average HR of 129. I probably went a bit too hard some of the time but overall I did stay in my IM HR zone. The bike was followed up by a seven mile run and that didn't quite hold to the IM HR rules. Me and fellow Outlaw Sluggo were feeling pretty good after the bike and just took off running an 8:30 pace and just kept going. I knew my HR was creeping up but we just kept running. Finally at about mile 6 we were both hit by the rising temps and the fact that were really running harder than we wanted so we took a bit of a walk break to cool off and then ran in the last bit.

I am so ready for CdA! I had a dream last night hat I was racing CdA and when I crossed the finish line my time was 13:06 and some change. I do think that time is within reach and it is one that I would be very happy with. The big trick for me will be to get my nutrition right, which basically means taking in lots and lots of fluids and a nice steady stream of calories. I think I have gotten pretty good at pacing myself by HR so I am not worried about doing something dumb like pushing too hard too soon, well, at least I'm not THAT worried.
It won't be long now.


  1. I want your dream! See my blog for my nightmarish ones about IMCDA..

  2. You Bandit you!


    Beautiful Pictures. Wonderful post. Way to build that engine.

    13 is within reach.

  3. that's an awesome forgot to say how I handed you a beer as you crossed....

    HA! Right....

  4. What a beautiful spot.
    How exciting - you've worked so hard and it's all going to pay off soon :)

  5. Glad to see that you are alive and shuffling. I know the feeling although your training about 100 times what I am accomplishing. Good luck on ImCda. You are SO prepared........

    The country out there is so different as compared to the landscape here in the upstate of SC. I would love to one day get an opportunity to train out your way. (even though I lived in Scottsdale for about two years I was not into tri-training at the time)

  6. Exciting times. Great pictures. Sub13 sounds like a good target :)

  7. Great scenery for a ride..

    I'm sure you'll hit your goal at IMCDA.. No problem..