Thursday, July 17, 2008


I win this round. Whether she believes it or not the GeekGrl and I do have a bit of a competitive relationship with each other. Not competitive in the sense of going head to head but more in the sense of egging each other on a bit. Allow me to elucidate.

The other day I was on tap for my heat training, a 16 mile run home from work along a route with a lot of asphalt, gravel and a complete lack of shade. This little foray takes place in the heat of the day and produces a lot of sweat. On that particular day I woke up and my leg kind of hurt, kinda sorta. I thought to myself that I could mention this life threatening injury to the GeekGrl and she would shower me with sympathy and praise my fitness assuring me all would be well if I missed this particular day. Oh yeah, I was going to get in a solid day of sand bagging.

Much to my chagrin, however, she responded, “Well, is it like bone pain” to which I admitted “no.” “Then just run easy” says she…sheesh, run easy! Where’s my warm fuzzy! I suppose that’s what I get for having an Ironwife.

Anyway, I have my revenge. This weekend is the El Scorcho 50K, the run that starts at midnight…in Ft. Worth, TX…circling the same 3.1 mile loop over and over. As you may recall the missus has been bragging loudly about the fact that she would not do this race. I suggested to her, “Maybe just the 25K…the La Scorchita.” Laughed in my face she did! Once the race filled she thought she was home free and all my cajoling had been for naught but low and behold what is this I see in my inbox? Why it’s an e-mail from the race director of the El Scorcho who lets me know he happens to have had three people drop and now has three spots open.

I immediately corner the GeekGrl and she folds like a cheap suit. The GeekGrl will be running La Scorchita this weekend…at midnight…in Ft. Worth, TX…circling the same 3.1 mile loop over and over and over again.
Check mate, my mate...check mate.


  1. Ooooh you are such a brute!

  2. Have fun! We'll look forward to th race reports!

  3. Ah, everyone needs bad influences like that in their life :-)

  4. Ah, men. My favorite line is your closer, "Check mate, my mate...check mate."

  5. Cornered me? You were sitting next to me as I recall and told me there were three spots open. As usual my mouth went into movement before my brain did. It doesn't take much to manipulate a wife with no impulse control...

  6. Nice! Veeeeeery Nnice!!


  7. A wife with no impulse control??

    I think that you're missing the diabolic mind here, dear.

    He merely lured you into a false sense of security and then when your resistance was at its lowest...he STRUCK!'s all coming together. The soft relaxing bed, the warm heat radiating from the computer. I suspect there was some comfort food or drink nearby too.


    I bow to your greatness! ;-)

  8. you both totally rock!!

    have a great weekend..


  9. oh, Sweetness...when will you learn? You might THINK you made the last, decisive killing check mate move, but believe you me - GG's got a move that will put your "king" in jeopardy...if you know what I mean....

  10. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Too funny :)

    Congrats on the race, too!!