Sunday, July 27, 2008

Products and Pics

Since I finished IMCdA I have been getting all kinds of ready for Lean Horse and that has included some trial runs of a few products that I hope will help me survive. I selected two items to keep me cool and on item to keep my feet from exploding. The cooling items include the Moeben Sleeves and a Cool Off Bandana.

The Cool Off Bandana is pretty much a regular bandana but it is sewn in half to form a pouch for ice. There is also an absorbent piece of material in it to slow the loss of water. You load the thing up with ice, tie it around your neck and it melts and evaporates. The cold water drips down your back and your neck stays nice and cool. As long as you get it ties right it is awesome. I’ve taken it running in temps in the low 90s and felt great. (I can't get the website to come up right now but you can go to Zombie Runner to find the cool Off Bandana.

The Moeben sleeves are supposed to function as arm coolers. I went for the Moebens because they come in a variety of sizes instead of a one size fits all. I ordered the XL which are as large as they come. I took them for a run this morning and by the time I hit mile 3 my arms were hurting, these guns just won’t be holstered so I’m going bare armed.

Finally I ordered a pair of compression socks. When I ran my 50 miler my feet blew up like balloons and while I have gotten a couple pairs of larger shoes it would also be great to keep the swelling down. I wore then out on my long run this morning and they worked great. I ran 15.2 miles at a pretty good pace and normally this would have left my legs a little stiff after sitting around a bit but my legs feel great so my next test of them will be an the Vineman and if all goes well there they will accompany m to Lean Horse.

I also have a few pics from El Scorcho


  1. What - no pictures of you wearing the socks? I will be looking forward to hearing more on how they work for you and how you deal with the dork factor.

  2. I can't imagine those arm things actually cooling you off! Maybe you have to wear them with nothing else on, like the people on the webpage...

  3. "these guns just won’t be holstered " Dude I just ahd to LOL in my office when I read that! Classic... absolutely classic!!

  4. you'l look hawt in those compresion socks, stud!

  5. I hope you got does "dirty girl" gaitors as well..

    I was wondering about the moeben sleeves, not sure they are any better than regular bike arm sleeves. Desoto has those arm coolers, I have not tried those out yet.. But bought some for my next hot ultra.

    Gearing up for the 100, like the sound of that.

  6. You look as though you are having such a good time :)

  7. Nice products recap..
    and great El ScorchO pics..!!!

    kick'em at Vineman..


  8. NIce pics. Looks like your crusing along enjoying life. Great thing!

    Have you looked at DeSoto arm coolers? I use them for Las Vegas and they work great. Of course, my guns are pea shooters compared. So..

    The website has L = 170+. Don't know how tight it'll be on your arms. JT might have them also, and you guys are comparable (?).

  9. Great pics. Hope the socks work. Good luck.