Monday, June 28, 2010

Leadville Training Camp by the Numbers and the Pictures

My height: 6'00”
My weight: 207
Days at camp: 2

Day 1
Total miles run day 1: 26; May Queen to Twin Lakes
Minimum elevation run day 1: 9,255
Maximum elevation day 1: 11,135
Total elevation gain day 1: 3,069
Total elevation loss day 1: 3,773
Running time: 4:55:52
Total time: 5:12:05

Day 2
Total miles run day 2: 23; Twin Lakes to Winfield and back, the double crossing of Hope Pass
Minimum elevation run day 2: 9,232
Maximum elevation day 2: 12,557
Total elevation gain day 2: 6,785
Total elevation loss day 2: 6,799
Running time: 5:48:00
Total time: 6:21:35

Pictures taken...MANY
Fun had...TONS
Do I think I can finish Leadville?...ABSOLUTELY!

Pics from Day 1

Pics from Day 2


  1. OMG, OMG, OMG!!! You are soooooo ready for Leadville! Those pictures are gorgeous, but that elevation sounds brutal. The fact that you did it all, did it fast, and had fun, says you are ready to rock it out there.

    Damn, I wish I could come crew! Goddamn husband with cancer! :) I know, inappropriate, but that is how we roll in my family. He routinely says "You take out the trash. I have cancer." Stinker!

    207? Skinny minnie! You and your wife look awesome! Great job.

  2. nice job and fun fun fun!!!
    I totally knew when I saw you a few weeks ago you could Finish Leadville!! Glad you now know yourself!!!

    ITS GO TIME!! but don't fall!!!