Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leadville: A Valles Caldera Marathon Race Report

I woke up Saturday morning ready for my weekly long run in preparation for the Leadville Trail 100. This training run had a twist though. It was a race and the GeekGrl decided ahead of time to drop back to the half-mary so I was on my own. I had only one goal; run the best damn mountain trail marathon I could muster and, with any luck, break five hours.

My time for the Valles Caldera marathon last year was 5:22 and this is a course where you don't really expect to make huge gains in time. Add to that the fact that I am at the end of a build cycle. My mileage the past three weeks is 58, 62, 65 and this week I'll end up with 63 so I was not heading in to the race after a quick taper.

I was trying to remember what my fitness was like last year when I did this race and assume it was good considering that two weeks after this race last year I beat my Buffalo Springs 70.3 PR by 15 minutes. Of course I didn't have the same kind of running base this time last year that I do this year but then again last year I wasn't coming off almost 6 weeks of low mileage running with a knee injury. I figured worst case scenario it would all be a wash and I would end up with another run in the 5:20 range.

Still, regardless of what I assumed, I had to give it my best shot and that meant sub 5:00. My other motivation for a good showing is despite the fact that I have been training hard for Leadville nothing really shows I just keep slogging through one event after the other. Maybe nobody really notices or gives it a second thought but it does bother me that I have put it out there that I'm running Leadville and I can't seem to put together a strong showing. I have my reasons for the apparently lackluster season but it is still good to actually have something people can look at and say “Oh, he is training.”

As the race began we had to take a slight detour around a fire that was being contained by the forest service fire fighters but there wasn't too much smoke to contend with just a bit of minor bushwacking. I decided to take a risk right from the starting gate and see how long I could hang on to fellow Outlaw Margaret. She beat me by about 30 minutes at this race last year and she is also training for Leadville. Two other Outlaws, Mark and Steve, were also in the immediate vicinity and are also people who are faster than me. At the first downhill I decided to make a break for it since I am the faster downhill runner. My assumption is that they would catch me on the flats and we would leapfrog for as long as I could hang on.

I have to assume they all had different plans for the race because I never saw them again. I ran as hard as I felt I could but I still ran a smart race. I didn't have any desire to simply run hard and blow out half way through the race. I hiked the uphills and took the downhills as fast as I could and that worked well. That is the strategy I used last year. That is the strategy I use at all trail runs. However, this time there was a huge difference. My ability to run slight up hill sections was good, my ability to run the flats remained strong and my ability to run hard downhill stayed with me from beginning to end.

By mile 18 I knew I was going to break five hours barring any significant problems so from then on out it was strictly about getting the best possible time. I kept pushing and started looking around for people that I might be able to actually race to the end. During the final three or four miles I passed about six people and was able to keep pushing including a strong sprint to the finish line. Final time, 4:33:41! The final results have yet to be posted but last year that time would have been good for 11th overall. This year times were faster but I'd bet I'm still in the top 15 overall. Finally, a result that shows I am working hard toward Leadville.


  1. Congratulations Brian! Bet you are absolutely thrilled and feeling good about Leadville!

  2. Congrats Brian! I still don't understand how you improved so much your time.

    A picture of you at the finish line here:click!

    Good luck at Leadville!

  3. Holy Toledo!! Your super secret (that is what we women do, we never divulge the "big" goal beforehand :) ) goal was sub-5 and you got 4:33?! AWESOME!!

    Congratulations! this certainly does bode well for Leadville, my friend! Man, if anyone deserved a great race you did and you did it on a beast of a course. Great job!

    I am getting so psyched for you for Leadville! (This vicarious ultra-running is soooooo much easier than actually running. :) )

  4. Hi Brian !

    I am the guy who finished just 2 minutes ahead of you with the faded "CROSS COUNTRY" sign on the back of his T-shirt. Your descending is incredible. I thought I shook you off in the hills, since you were nowhere to be seen in the Valle Grande (I stayed 4 minutes by the aid station there puking by the side of the road after drinking too much HEED too fast). Still somewhere around mile 24 (when I was running on fumes) I saw 3 or 4 white T-shirts some 1-2 minutes behind me. I tried to kick it and kept looking over my shoulder but luckily nobody showed up until I reached the finish. I was absolutely shocked to see you made up all the lost ground and storming through the parking lot ahead of that chase pack. Just for the comparison my last 4 miles : 11:28, 9:46, 10:37, 10:46 and 1:46 for the home stretch. Should the race be 1 mile longer, you would easily get me. Good luck at Leadville 100 !!

  5. Wow Brian, just wow!

  6. just for the record - your blog has been cited here :