Sunday, October 01, 2006

From going long to red line

Today was the last event in the Southwest Challenge Series, the Stealth Triathlon at Holloman Air Force Base in Alomogordo, NM. The temps were mild and the course was flat, a perfect combination for a fast race. The day did indeed bring out a lot of fast triathletes from the region trying to get in their last minute points and the Clydesdale group was no exception.

While I have the Championship locked up for the 40+ clydes there was still room for manuvering among the younger guys. To top it off a potential spoiler showed up, a fast Clyde who has not been racing this year. Having just done an iron distance race last weekend and having nothing to gain from this race I was ready to just mosey through this race but as the time neared for the start I started getting excited and my competative nature kicked in. I really wanted to be the #1 clyde for this one last race of the season, not the #1 in my age bracket but #1 among all the clydes.

Well, long story short...mission accomplished! The triathlon was a reverse with a 5K run first, then a 20 mile bike followed by a 400 meter pool swim. When the race started i just red lined it from the get go and kept pushing. My total time was about 1:28:20. I'm not exactly sure on my splits and my official time because the race director sent everyone away without results. The Stealth is famous for always screwing something up, usually the results, but their races are strategically placed in the season so people keep comming back.

I am tired!
Gooood night!

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  1. Hiya sweetie.

    'Coming', in the non-porn sense, is still spelled with one 'm'.

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