Monday, October 23, 2006

My wife, my wife, the love of my life

Ok, this isn't easy for me because I have far too much Norseman in my emotional makeup and that influence seems to get stronger with age. However, I have to say that my wife is still able to amaze me. Her latest endeavor has been to register for Ironman Louisville. She will be going there with me and several others on our team, the New Mexico Outlaws.

There is just the general impressiveness of daring to take on the iron distance; I respect anyone who is willing to take it on. However, there is also the courage it takes to take on something like an Ironman when there is as yet no evidence that finishing is a sure thing. Let's face it at the iron distance everyone must acknowledge that a DNF is a real possibility for numerous factors such as mechanical failure, nutrition mishaps, unexpected blistering or "wardrobe malfunctions". As well, some face the iron distance as their first ever triathlon and so have no real idea as to what they are getting into, which in and of itself provides some protection from anxiety.

My wife has done several sprints, a few olympics and will be completing her second half-iron this coming weekend. She knows as well as any non-iron person could what she is getting into and she also knows that given her one half-iron performance she should not be able to complete an iron distance in the allotted 17 hours. And yet…

There are so many people out there who wait, wait for something, wait for some evidence of assured success, wait until there next step won't seem so big, wait until they can locate a crossing with shallower waters…wait, wait, wait. Not my wife and that is one of the major reasons she is my wife. The courage and strength I saw in her life prior to our marriage inspired me, caused me to understand that no matter what qualities I may perceive in myself, this is someone that would not only enrich my life but enrich me as a human being and I have been dead on.

I know she can do it and it will be amazing. I know she will toe the line completely filled with fear and doubt but once the cannon goes off and the race begins it will be nothing but fight and determination all day long, that's just the way she is.

So, here's a quote for my wife, my great inspiration.

"The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become."
Charles Dubois


  1. She's a keeper for sure!!!

  2. Really cool to write about your wife like that. Good luck to both of you! I'll be keeping an eye on both blogs.

  3. Given my 8:50 half IM finish in 2005, I shouldn't be able to finish an IM this year either. But probably I will, and I KNOW your wife will. :-)

  4. Congrats to your wife to take the step and just going for it at IM. It's great to have somebody to share your passionf for the sport. You both will do great.