Sunday, October 15, 2006

The off season approacheth

The leaves are turning and the weather is cooling off and I know it's time for the triathlon season to come to an end. I have one more event this season, the Soma 70.3 in Tempe, AZ, and it is supposed to be one of the best season enders around. However, my mind is turning more and more to running, my favorite off season activity. Not just good short to middle distance runs but big long runs of 20 miles plus. Unfortunatly I can't get too many of these in because I don't really have the time to build the kind of base necessary to pull many of those off. I'll be building mileage after Soma in order to prepare for P.F. Chang's Rock-n-Roll marathon but then I need to get in some decent recovery and start focusing on Ironman Arizona.

In lieu of actually getting in an off season ultra I am reading a lot about it and let me tell you this would have been useful information last year when I was preping for the Ghost Town 38.5. I've subscribed to Ultra Running Magazine, purchased a copy of "A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning" and just today I purchased a copy of the fabled tome "Lore of Running."

If I don't end up gettin in an ultra earlier in the year I am seriously considering getting in the Sunmart 50 miler at the end of the season, this year it takes place on December 9th, the same day as my season opener, the Polar Bear Triathlon, and the same day as the South West Challenge Series awards for the 06 season will be given out.

Anyway, not much of a post I know, maybe I'm just becomming wistful for a season that was such an adventure though it's not yet time for a year in review. I think I'll just curl up with one of my new books.


  1. Thanks for the ultra links, I might have to pick up that ultramarathon book myself. Sounds like you have a short off season. No rest for the "Clyde". Good luck training for your marathon and IMAZ. I wish I had signed up for IMAZ also.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog about Redman. I'm glad someone is reading my blog! It's nice to hear from someone who also did Redman. I actually grew up in Rio Rancho. I lived in the area for 18 years and still come back a lot to visit family. And, I'm doing the Sunmart 50k or 50 mile, not sure yet in December. So maybe I'll see you there.

  3. This fellow Clydesdale will be watching for your race report from Soma! That will be my first 1/2 IM (October 2007). Love your blog!