Thursday, March 15, 2007

Call Me Brer Rabbit if You Please

It was a simpler time back when I was a Tri Newbie, train a little here, train a little there, race a little here, race a little there. I would get in maybe 4 hours of training per week, show up to a race be-bop around like a grinning fool and walk away with my 5th, 6th, 7th or 16th place finish. Then…I really started training, really started getting into a mode where I wanted to see what I might be capable of doing. Then I started winning and winning and winning…at least over short distances that is...long-course, not so much.

Unbeknownst to me the going long is my Tar-Baby. I took a poke at it last year at the Redman Iron Distance race, another swipe with the Soma half-iron. One season, two long-course events…not bad. But you know the story, right? Brer Rabbit and the Tar-Baby? Well I do. My dad used to read me Uncle Remus stories from time to time at bed time…back when Uncle Remus stories were considered acceptable bedtime story fare.

You know that ole Brer Rabbit could not be satisfied with a swipe or two, nooo no, he had to get all in it. So here I am hopping along planning my 2007 season when I eye that long-course Tar-Baby just’a sittin’ up ahead.

I’m just a rabbit, what else can I do..swipe, Ironman Arizona…swipe, Soma…now I’m really gonna get it…kick, Ironman Louisville...kick Duceman half-iron There’s nothing left but the big ole head but, right?

Tri One-O-One, The Woodlands Texas, November 11th, 2007. That’s right, now I’m all up in it. The briar patch of my season has been sewn, the money is paid and the season has grown…there’s nothing left but for Brer fox to stop layin low and come toss me in.

But…you know how the story ends too, don’t you?

"Born and bred in the briar patch. I was born and bred in the briar patch!"


  1. Look at it this way, the training for the Tri One-O-One race shouldn't be too heavy, just coming off Louisville. You can just call it a light workout day.

    That's a lot of races for one season.

  2. Great, creative post! Good luck on your year - I am sure you will rock.

  3. yea, hmm, lets see, 2 IM's and a "half and a half (101) - and - you've got a bad hip - you a gluten for punishment, big guy! I wish you the best - I'm going to see how the Bradenton 101 goes (coming up soon!) before I commit to IM distance this year, so far, so good...really, good luck to you!

  4. Plus you forgot the ultrabiking stuff. Busy, busy, year, but I know you will enjoy every minute of it..

    Definetly a endurance junkie, and becoming a dang fast one to..

    Watch out..

  5. In swear I get tired just reading how dar you go and are going to go, whew!

  6. I just got a neat thing - Inside Tri Age Group Team selection - with it I get free entry into 101 races - granted, I already signed up for the Bradenton one - but looking at my schedule, if I can recover quick enough, Woodlands is 3 full weeks after the GFT...I'm seriously contemplating it...of course, we'll see how I feel after next week!