Thursday, March 01, 2007

On the Road Again

Tuesday afternoon I went to see my family doc to get my leg looked at post bike accident. We talked, he poked and prodded and we decided it was most likely a pulled muscle. Specifically, I think the strain/pull took place at the pelvic origin of either the Pectineus, the Adductor Brevis or the Gracilis.

He sent me for an x-ray and some physical therapy. He also told me I needed to be stretching and soaking. I decided that maybe a little running thrown into the mix would be a good idea too.

You see, this injury actually feels and acts differently from the fracture I had last year. Most importantly, it passes the underwear test...yes, the underwear test. The last time I had a fracture I was unable to do the famed male maneuver of standing on one leg while kicking the underwear into the air and grasping them with my hand to them be tossed into the laundry hamper. I just couldn't stand on that leg…I'd just fall over.

Now, I'm secure in my masculinity but you take away a guy's ability to do the underwear flip kick and…well, there's no tellin' what could happen next.

Aaannyyhowww…this time I can do the underwear flip kick just fine, it just hurts a bit if I also happen to rotate. So the fact that I can do the underwear flip kick and that the injury responded very well to the anti-inflammatory meds that I started taking Monday night, as stated, I decided to hit the road again and go for a little run…did that this morning.

What can I say…I'm on the road again. I had some very slight discomfort at the point of injury but honestly what hurt far worse were my knees and hips. My prior life as a Marine Corps infantryman and a Marine Corps rugby player took its toll on my hips and knees and any time I take off running for a while there is always a period where everything complains bitterly. If I can keep my weekly run mileage at 9+ miles then the legs stay in good condition but if I take off more than a week I'm at ground zero all over.

This morning's run was not fast but it was doable and a beginning. I covered 4.82 miles in about 52 minutes and felt like I could have kept going without a problem. I also haven't had any adverse reaction so maybe things are looking up.


  1. Glad your are able to run again. In no time you will be back to your running mojo.

    Very important to get that underwear kick in the mix. Think of it as functional training.

  2. Glad to hear it's not a fracture and that you're back running - only 44 days left till AZ!

  3. Don't underestimate the importance of the "kick". The process of evolution has given us many great advancements!

  4. A Marine Corps rugby player - now I understand a bit better when I read your 300k bike ride posts.

    You are one tough big fella.