Sunday, March 04, 2007

If I didn't show you, you wouldn't believe me

Today I went for a nice trail run along the Rio Grande. I am working my plan to do more frequent, shorter runs in order to try and bring my legs back in time for IMAZ instead of taking the more risky approach of trying to jump back up to the long 18 to 22 mile runs I would normally be doing at this time. My run was about 9.5 miles and it was nice, I think I’ll do more trail running.

However, that’s not the point of this particular post. After my run I did a little shopping. As I was standing in a really long “15 or fewer items” checkout lane I heard “Customers with 15 or fewer items can come to the Liquor department where there is no waiting.”

As I was making my purchase I noticed a little display on the counter… little item called “Totpack” These little gems are alcohol shots in a plastic pouch shaped just like Gu shots!

Finally, something for the alcoholic triathlete!

How do you imagine these should fit into your overall nutrition plan? Gu shot 20 minutes before the race, about a pint of some carb drink right out of the swim, onto the bike…cliff bar or some shot blocks, Totpack…let’s see, this early in the race maybe the schnapps or sambuca…definitely save the whisky and tequila for the run.

Next up, Gu & Totpack mixers. Vodka Totpack and Orange gu = Endurance Screw Driver



  1. those are perfect for the Irondrunk - and the all day binger - do they have any that taste like beer?

  2. Brilliant... now a legitimate/accessible way to dull the pain.

    I'll take the Tri-Berry GU with a Vodka mix.

  3. Interesting possibility. Think of the safety aspect of having them if you come across a snake.

  4. Hmm, I'm thinking of lemon-lime gu + alcohol pack = on-the-go margarita. Or maybe orange HEED + vodka for a screwdriver. Just think of the possibilitis! XOXO

  5. At least when you stagger across the finish line at a race, you can blame it on the Totpacks.

    Great blog!