Saturday, November 17, 2007

Silverman Pics and More

First things first, I want to shout out to Johnny Tri…SHOUT. The GEEKGRL and I had the great good fortune to have a sit down meal with the Johnster while he was in New Mexico visiting family on his way back to Vegas. We ate Indian, talked like old ladies in a crack fueled sewing circle and had a few laughs. El Johnno is quite the guy and I am really looking forward to getting together again in a couple weeks on his home turf…in his own home even. Thanks again John!

Ok, so now for the Silverman pics and a recent development in my own strange world.

A none-to-happy camper coming out of the water, I had just looked at my watch and was trying to choke back an open display of disgust.

Out on the bike I might have been a wee bit faster were it not for the 12 pounds of sunscreen that was slathered on my bod by the sun screening volunteers. On the bright side, the only places I got too much sun was where I took responsibility for the coverage. Also, note that huge blue thing in the background? That’s a view of Lake Mead from maybe mile 25 or 30. You can sort of tell that a whole lot of climbing has been going on already.

Here I am heading out on the run feeling my oats and ready to, a, well, run I suppose.

Now this is the finish line pic I’ve been waiting for…ok so in my dream that time sign says 9:58:27 and it is bright and sunny outside but let’s take this one step at a time, I’m still getting the pose right.

And last but not least, the pic that almost caused me to exercise my psychologist powers when I saw it and have myself committed. Have you ever seen such a psycho?! Well, at least I’m a happy psycho and yes, I was every bit as happy as I look.

Now on to the other news. You already know that the GEEKGRL and I along with Johnny Tri and his Pops are runnin’ a 5K in Santa suits with something like 7,000 other people in Santa suits. Well, the Vegas madness doesn’t stop there. Apparently the Silverman knocked something lose and, well, I am running the Las Vegas Marathon…hold on to your seats…I am running the Las Vegas Marathon…dressed as Elvis Presley! Oh yes I did, I said it, I’m gonna’ be a Runnin’ Elvis! The leader of the running Elvi is trying to organize a world record attempt at the largest number of running Elvi on one course. Actually I think he is trying to ESTABLISH a record since I don’t think one exists. I’m guessing that since the people from the record books will already be there to tally running Santa’s why not spend another day and record the Kings?

What can I say but, “Thank you, thank you very much”


  1. Great race report! I want pics of all of you in Santa gear and of course as the King!


    If you run as Elvis, can GG run as Priscilla? Her cheekbones would look great with that big dark hair and dark make-up of yore :)

    Seriously, great job.

    The psychosis is really just the happiness coming through...

  3. Your picture with Lake Mead in the background brings back memories of my time out in the Mojave. Distances could not be measured with the eye. It vastness of everything is just amazing.

    I second coach liz--pictures from Santa and Elvi race should be priceless.

  4. which elvis...old fat vegas elvis or young tv-star skinny elvis? You may have to add a pillow if its the former...all that poundage you've dropped....

  5. Great report and great shots. You know you will only get better from here. That experience seems like it did you good.
    BIG MUTTON CHOP SIDEBURNS. HUGE ONES. That is what Elvis is to me.
    Have a great time.

    You are looking very svelte...go eat something.

  6. Bigun stole my comment!
    Excellent job at Silverman, I am in awe.
    Sounds like you will truly enjoy your trip to Vegas. If they take finish line pics there it will be hard to abide by that What happens in vegas, stays in vegas rule....

  7. Congratulations, Psycho!

    I wish I could join you and witness the running Elvi!

    Is Geekgirl going to enter the showgirl division? :-)

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  9. Geez Brian-that deer in the headlights last picture says it all.

  10. Wild-eyed Iron fanatic? Just blame the endorphins....

  11. Maybe you should put that psycho picture as your avatar to show people what enurance sport is all about.
    I cannot believe something as cool as massed Elvi running a marathon exists in the world!

  12. Anonymous4:52 PM

    bigun stole my comment, too!

    Great photos! You will also be a slim and trim Santa :)

    Have fun in Vegas.

  13. see, that's the problem with being a psychologist. You know when you look crazy.


    love the pics. you look so, erm, happy!

  14. Aren't we all psycho?

    Great shot, great race!

  15. Way to go Brian! Can hardly wait so wee you in your new attire!

  16. A little bit psycho, ahhh yeah, but somebody has to be.

    Nice pics..

    Santa running, followed by Elvis. Sounds like a fun time.. To forget to get pics of that.