Friday, November 02, 2007

Soma Shoot Out

Here I come out of the swim

Bike split so fast the cameraman almost couldn’t catch me.

Driving down the finish shoot and…

Nooooooooooooooo! My finish pic ruined by…

The 4th place Clydesdale, the guy who beat me by 1 100th of a second!

To make matters worse I slowed up right at the end so I wouldn’t be the dick that sprinted past people in the final couple of feet. That’ll teach me.
By the way...does this guy look like a Clyde? I don't know but he looks like a frickin stud whatever he weighs. Maybe if I do like the Bigun says and start pumping iron I can stay right at 200 lbs indefinitely.


  1. Great set of pictures ... even if the last one is ruined by the 'clydesdale'(?)

  2. Nice!
    That'll teach you to have nice manners LOL

  3. Great race pictures!

    My finish photos usually have a really old man in front of me (who looks at least 92) wearing leisure sweats and not even good running shoes. To make it worse, he appears fresh as a daisy while I'm looking nearly dead!

  4. There are no manners at the finish line of a race! :)

  5. nice pics!! but your racing... as bigun says.. no fun in IM.. but that was a half so maybe that means you could have had some fun.. but you should have passed him.. HA!


  6. clearly you are master of the 5th discipline: good race photos.

    (the 4th discipline must be nutrition - it must be)

  7. hartley and I decided sometimes you have to be the dick that does that rude thing at the end..

  8. You sure that's not Bigun in front of you in that picture?

    Great shots. I will say again that you guys have excellent looking tri gear. Good Luck at Silverman.