Sunday, November 04, 2007

Life is Sweet for the Sweetness!

Sometimes in life the good things just pile up like gifts under a Christmas tree…this weekend has been one of those times for me.

As soon as I learned about The Las Vegas Great Santa Run I totally wanted to do it. I can’t explain it but I wanted to do this silly little 5K more than just about any race I have ever lusted after I mean, come on, for a $45 entry fee you get a 5-piece Santa Suit and get to be a part of a world record attempt at gathering together the largest group of running Santas EVAR!

Since the GEEKGRL and I will already be in sin city with our running shoes why not throw in a little marathon, huh? So there it is…we are also registered for the Las Vegas Marathon, which will take place the very next day. This run will bring me closer to Silver Maniac status and the GEEKGRL to Bronze Maniac status. This great adventure is being made possible by non other than the blog-o-riffic Johnny Tri who is putting us up and putting up with us for the weekend and who will also be partaking in the festivities. For some reason I am seeing a little 5K Santa Smack-Down followed up with a barley malt carb loading protocol…you know, in preparation for the marathon.

Next up on the list of truly fantabulous news…I saw a 1, that’s right a 1. Where did I see this 1 you ask? Why, it was on a little thing I like to call Mr. Bathroom scale. That’s right baby, after my workout Saturday I weighed in at a svelte 198.5, after my long run on Sunday I put up a scant 197! Sure, after each workout I was dehydrated and yes I am still a clyde legal 202 but OMG! These are numbers that I have not seen since I was 18 years old! I have slowed my diet to a crawl so I can slide into Silverman honestly representin’ my Clydesdale brethren but my weight keeps falling. It is now my “heaviest” week of taper, carb loading and hydrating so I should maintain the 202 and maybe hit a 205 by race day but man, I’m cutting it close.

So, how did the GEEKGRL and I celebrate the appearance of the fantastic number 1 on my bathroom scale? We went out and bought me some new underwear and undershirts!

Yeah, yeah, I know it doesn’t sound all that great but let me explain. I’ve been dropping weight for a while now and my clothes, especially my underclothes have, well, um, needed some work. The GEEKGRL has been after me to get new unmentionables but I have resisted…I suppose for no other reason than for that manliest of manly traits, the absolute refusal to dispose of clothing that still has the faintest gasp of life in them. I went and tossed out my XL undies and replaced them with, drum roll, MEDIUM underwear and large undershirts…hey, I still got the physique happenin’ on the upper deck dontcha know.

So, here is a pic of me sportin my old undies before the GEEKGRL and I went a shoppin’

And here is a pic of me sportin’ the new loin cloth.

Ok, ok, maybe a pic just for the ladies in the crowd…and…it’s not really my style of garment…and, well, um, it’s not even me but you might have been prepared for some imposterification after the first pic, but still…MEDIUMS?! Have I EVER worn medium underwear, medium ANYTHING in my entire life…I think not but Mom Baboo will have to confirm or deny.

Finally, I did my first race as…HEAD REF! Yeah BABY! The Big Cheeses at USAT, read as the USAT Head over-all numero-uno ref and my regional coordinator decided to let me test my wings on a tiny little end-o-the-season duathlon called the Defined Fitness Duathlon. There were a total of 71 athletes present AND THEY WERE ALL AT MY MERCEY, BWAHAHAHA! Oh, sorry…and they were enthusiastic and seemed appreciative of my services, ah hem.

I ended up solving one unfortunate problem, ensuring that a turn with some sand on it got thoroughly swept, zipped around the bike course making sure people weren’t drafting or blocking or anything and ended up handing out only two penalties (they were both for 3.4i Unauthorized Equipment if you must know…these chickadees were wearing I-Pods).

I had a great time. What a weekend! What a life!

Now for another installment of The Rules.

As I consult the Great USAT Tome of Competitive Rules I find one that many people talk about, joke about and, heck, I even had some friends try to convince me to risk this penalty. What was asked of me? “Hey, your trained up, why don’t you come run Ironman Arizona with us as a BANDIT…you can get BLANK’S race number and stuff.”

That’s right folks, banditry. So here’s the skinny.
Rule 3.5 Unregistered Participants
Any person who participates in any portion of a sanctioned event without first properly registering and paying any required registration fee shall be suspended or barred from membership in USA Triathlon and barred from participating in any sanctioned event for a period of up to one year.
b. Any person who in any way assists another athlete to violate Section 3.5a by providing or selling a race number to that athlete fee shall be suspended or barred from membership in USA Triathlon and barred from participating in any sanctioned event for a period of up to one year.

Ugh…suspension…banishment. Banditry…just say no! Adn, don't forget; USAT sanctins Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathon so if get caught and you need to get you Athlon fix you will have to do it at an unsanctioned race.


  1. Oh, I do hope there will be pictures of the Santa Run!!!!

    Congrats on the head ref gig, and the 1.

  2. Congratulations on the 'ONE'

  3. Glad you got that corner swept--always been a peeve of mine.
    Congratulations on the "one"--fantastic.
    As for the undies, I think that shot bests the green fuzzy g-string that a friend of mine received from his wife for christmas one year....

  4. cripes, you'll be well entrenched in AG status come CdA...Sweet Svelt Baboo.

  5. how did you find a picture of 8-ball wearing his undies?

    I'm really happy for you and your 1. I know what it's like when you finally hit a goal you thought was impossible.

    welcome to your wildest dreams!

  6. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Great job on the weight loss! You inspire me...I've got a few lbs. to drop.

  7. Santa running, new undies, sounds like a fun time in the households these days.

    Congrats on getting to the sub 200's..

  8. LasVegas marathon sounds great. Will look for the race report. I'm thinking of putting that one on the calendar for 2008. I've heard it's quite a good course for a BQ time.

  9. congrats on your accomplishments. As a guy who used to wear 4X clothing...Getting to a xl for me was huge and I can totally relate.

    Nice job. You look like that weight is comfortable for you too.

    Have fun in Vegas.

  10. Brian, about the picture...WTF?
    I thought I was going blind for a sec.

    About the "1"...Amazing. Better drink some water before the Silverman...Like a gallon. There are not many clydes at 198. I am genuinely impressed (and a little jealous).

  11. Oops. I left this on the wrong day's comments:

    S. Baboo,

    I'm also living in Las Vegas. I'll be volunteering for the Silverman. I'll be at the 'feed zone'. If I see/recognize you, I'll be sure to say Hi.

    I'll be in the marathon too (but the half). Thinking about the Santa run.

  12. looks like I picked a great day to catch up!! Nice loin cloth, I know GeekGirl is going to get you on film dancing, right? lol

  13. Mom Baboo said. No, I can't remember you ever wearing a medium anything! I'm sure you remember those cool yellow and blue plaid pants with matching yellow shirt that you wore in grade school. I always shopped at Sears because they were the only place I could find Huskies! The tall, slim Nordic side of you is finally out! Congratulations!

  14. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Congratulations, SilverBabooMan!

    Looking forward to your race report.

  15. Great job at Silverman SB!

  16. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Congratulations on a great race at Silverman!!! Can't wait to read the report.

  17. Congrats on your recent IM finish!!! Wooooohooo!!!!

  18. you kicked it old school at silverman...awesome job!

  19. Nice job at Silverman. Sounds like you must have figured out the nutrition. We were trying to follow you on GeekGrls blog and through their website but the split times they had were confusing. You got to be feeling on top of the world right now. Mr. Domination.

  20. Great job at SilverMan - well done!