Friday, March 28, 2008

My Endurance Challenge

I don’t know quite what to say. I’m slightly embarrassed because among those people I like and respect so much even my actions seem to be a bit beyond the pale. Rather than fumble on I will let the quotes of others express the gist of what I am thinking and how I feel.

"We take these risks not to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping us."
- Scott Crabb

"I refuse to tip-toe through life only to arrive at death safely."
- Scott Weber

So here it is – my challenge to myself is to run an iron distance triathlon and a 100 mile endurance run in one month. I have chosen the Vineman on August 2nd and the Lean Horse on August 23 & 24th.

I decided to add the El Scorcho 50K to my race schedule on July 20th so I would have the experience of one race that went through the night so that I could get some ideas for Lean Horse.

Now I’m heading out this weekend with fellow Outlaws Mike, Tim and Maria to run the Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon through the sandy deserts of southern New Mexico…lets just call this one a recovery run.


  1. Love the two quotes.

    You will do great Baboo.

  2. Love the weber quote-ain't- it the truth?

  3. be honest, you're like steve austin, aren't you?

    i will be watching and rooting for you, but if your past history is anything to judge by, i think you're going to do just fine.

    have fun with it, brian!

  4. Crikey.....
    but if you didn't do it, oyu'd always be wondering

  5. I'm still on the fence about doing the leanhorse 50K "Fun run", but for sure at el scorcho, my plan is to hang out and watch from nearby with my feet in ice and perhaps a sleeping bag. And margaritas. but I love you and I know you'll love doing this.

  6. Break out the straight jacket!!

    Brian is ready for the Looney Bin!!!!!!.

  7. I think the scott weber quote is the way to go...

    Definetly an endurance challenge when you start throwing a 100 miler in your schedule..

    Your a busy, busy, busy, man this year.. I still remember your post of taking a lighter schedule this year.. NOT...

  8. A bit beyond the pale - yes you have captured your efforts nicely.

    I will be cheering you on from my comfortable spot inside the pale.