Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trouble, She is a Brewing

I got into this endurance thing 3, or was it 4, years ago with a little old sprint triathlon. That has, um, grown somewhat. Next thing I knew it my lovely bride, the indefatigable GeekGrl was by my side at Ironman Kentucky and is now a Marathon Maniac.
It just so happens that this weekend for his spring break my 16 year old son will run his first marathon! He has conquered the Olympic Triathlon, he has conquered the half-marathon and he has conquered the 25K so now while I run my first ever 50 mile run my son will thrown down with the 26.2!

Now both mom and I were very clear with him that he needs to run with mom for the first 20 and then if he feels good he can cut lose for the last 6.2, you see his training hasn’t exactly been up to speed. We figured this would be a decent compromise, he is raring to go and we are concerned parents who know just how ugly a long day can become for the under-prepared and uninitiated.

What have we created?!…lord help us.

In related news I just ordered a GoPro Digital Hero 3 Megapixel Waterproof Wrist Camera to take on my ultra runs. I have got to tell you I loved shooting picks at the Black Warrior 50K and I loved posting them. This little baby weighs just 4 ounces, has a neoprene wrist strap, is waterproof to 100 feet and is mounted on a hinge so it folds back flat against the wrist when you are not taking pics!

The way I see it I will never run fast enough to be able to compete in any meaningful way, just competing against my self and whoever I happen to be near in the last few miles of the race so why not get the picks.

Finally, on my long run today I began to formulate an endurance challenge for myself that is simply diabolical, it makes no sense, serves no purpose, is ill advised and should most likely be avoided. On the positive side though it is likely to be good for a few puzzled head scratches and a few incredulous “You did what?”s

Oh, and I’m not telling you what it is, not yet anyway. It is not a single event and it is not the most difficult things you could possibly conceive of it’s just, well, unlikely.

I’m also puzzling over three possible names for the “event”…”The Iron Bones Challenge”, “The Endorphin Junkie’s Nirvana” or “The Endurance Freak’s Folly”

If you are so inclined, pick a title.


  1. How cool to have influenced your son's life in that direction.
    Go Mini SB!

  2. OMG you and GG have the BEST toys!
    Go MiniB go!
    I liked the first name for the challenge, then I realised the initials of the 3rd one are E.F.F and it sounds as though you might be using that a bit...

  3. Whatever your plans, it must, I repeat MUST, involve verifying that 100' depth rating on that camera. ;)

  4. Great for John!!!

    You know it's kind of hard to come up with a name if we don't know what you are planning? :)

  5. I like the third title best. I'm jealous of the camera. I often wish I could take pictures on some of my runs and rides but am just not willing to carry the camera. Look forward to seeing pictures from it.

  6. Call it, "Babes, Boobs and Beer". Sure, it might not have to do with any of those things, but it really should. At least the Beer part. And the boobs. What good is beer without boobs? Well, that's not really is always good. But so are boobs. Now I'm confused.

  7. props to your son on attempting the marathon...very cool..

    that camera is too much..just four ounces??/wow
    i would love one of those....

    the challenge....
    call it the Bad ass baboo butt blasting-how long this thing lasting-challenge

  8. Nice that the mini-Baboo is running a marathon. Most excellent!!

  9. Props to the son for even thinking about doing one, most kids his age never think about running a marathon.

    Cool camera, might have to pick up one for my trail runs as well..

    Endurance challenge, would good it be?

  10. How cool to see the "fruits of your positive labors" come through your kids. I can only imagine how great you guys feel with John catching the racing and trianing bug. I don't think that there is a more positive thing a family can do together.

    I'm hoping that at least one of my girls will catch the fever at some point. But, I'm not pushing..(wink, wink)


  11. The camera is a great idea, I carry one on the bike sometimes, but I have never thought of taking in on a run.

    Best of luck on the 50 miler this weekend.

  12. im in for Endurance Freaks Folly!!

    that camera looks totally sweet!


  13. Anonymous7:52 AM

    That's awesome that mini Baboo has done triathons and is now doing a full marathon! Best of luck to you all!!

    The other day our son said, "I bet I could do a sprint triathlon"...who knows, maybe he'll get the bug someday.

  14. Looking forward to the day when I can run with my kids. They're 7 and 9 now and have no interest in getting involved.

  15. THAT is the coolest thing ever!