Wednesday, March 12, 2008


No, not THAT kind of rage, I’m still the same mild mannered Sweetness. The Rage I’m talking about is the Rage in the Sage half ironman in Las Vegas, NV – Sin City – the Domain of Johnny Tri and the Form. Me and fellow Outlaws Mighty Mike, Sluggo and the Iron Maiden will be heading out and doing the half with Johnny Tri to test our fitness so far in prep for IMCdA and Outlaw “the Silver Bullet” will be doing the Oly distance with Form. There is a sprint distance race run at the same time too but I don’t know anyone racing it.

I must say that I am really looking forward to this race. I’m lovin’ the ultramarathon stuff but you know triathlon is still my home. The other thing is that ever since I did Silverman I have kind of fallen in love with racing out at Lake Mead…that place is what our sport is supposed to be, clean, clear lake, tough bike course with smooth roads and, well, I haven’t run out there yet because in Silverman you leave Lake Mead National Park and enter the City of Henderson where you complete your run but I expect it will be a tough run too, some climbing some dirt, some sand and even some tunnels.

There is no Clyde division in the Rage half because this is its first year so the RD wants to see how it goes, see what the numbers look like before probably adding Clydes and Athenas next year. The Sprint and Oly do have Clyde and Athena divisions.

I also anticipate a good race because I have already exchanged two e-mails with the race staff, that is two within the period of about an hour! That kind of responsiveness always bodes well for a race. According to the race staff I spoke with there are 100 people registered for the half so far and a total of 600 registered across all three events. There are fewer than 200 slots left so if you want to come out and throw down with me or JT in the half you had better get on the ball!

Rage baby Rage!


  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    That sounds like a great race, especially the clean, clear Lake Mead. Good luck!!

    I'll be in LV the weekend before that doing an Irongirl oly tri.

  2. Baboo!

    Sweet! You’re coming out! Looking forward to it.

    If you haven't already signed up let me know.

    There is a (small) discount code I know.

    Also, let me know if you guys need a hook up with lodging (way off strip).

  3. Bring on the Rage. I think swimming in clear lake water will be a first for me.

  4. The run does go all the way through the tunnels to Hoover Dam, similar route as the Six Tunnels Half Marathon that Form and I are doing this weekend.

    I will be doing the Oly distance at Rage. Can't wait! It's a fun course!

  5. Good luck and have fun!

  6. Dude! You race more than anyone I've ever met.

    Your wearing ME out!

  7. Your enthusiasm is contagious-- Have a great race!

  8. Hey... they are advertising Clydesdale division on the website for the race! Go get 'em!

  9. I've done Rage 2 years in a row. Got my first Age Group award at it in 06! Tough course, GREAT prep for CDA!!!!

    Shane will be doing the half IM, I'm doing the Oly. Looking forward to meeting you!

  10. GL on this race! I just looked at St Anthony's Oly Clydesdale participants...about 300 total. Wish you could be here for that one!