Saturday, August 05, 2006

Double Race Report: Blogging from behind

Ugh, I've been bad about keeping up with the Blog. I've had such a great time on vacation and then came back swamped at work. Add to that an Olympic and a Sprint and you've got one tired puppy.

Last weekend i did the Las Vegas Olympic Distance Triathlon at Storie Lake, Las Vegas New Mexico. The outcome of this race for me was a combination of effort and dumb luck and just plain dumb. I'll begin with the dumb. I stayed up to 11 pm, woke up at 3 am to drive the 2 hours to Las vegas and "fueled" up with a quart of coffee soymilk and two servings of oatmeal. I was sick as hell before I left not to metion tired. Who knows where my brain was. For that matter, who knows where my basic survival instincts were.

Anyhow, to keep the kvetching about my self-induced problem brief i will just note that I covered the distance in 2:58:00. I got increasingly sick during the race and was unable to take any nutrition because my stomach was doing flips, which means I was becomming increasingly dehydrated and glycogyn deficit. My swim was 34:14 with a T1 of 1:26, neither of which is bad. My bike was 1:16:27 with a T2 of 50 seconds, a bit slow on the bike but adequate given the increasing stomach upset and lack of hydration though the T2 was good. The run is where things really fell apart. I REALLY had to throw up but absolutly could not. I ducked into the bushes a few times to try and force myself to throw up but nothing ever happened but dry heaves. I just had to push through it as best I could and I completed the run in 1:05:06.

The end result...1st place clyde out of two officially, there was actually a third clyde earning points in the Southwest Challenge Series but he was not allowed to compete as a clyde this race because they require a 215 cutoff. With him included I was still first. Just dumb luck. Last year this time would have earned me 4th in a field of 7.

The second triathlon is the Tall City Triathlon in Midland, TX (results). I also took first clyde in this race. It was a 500 yard pool swim, 22K bike and 5K run. I did the swim in 9:19; bike in 36:05 and run in 26:30. My swim was pretty average, my bike was very good but it didn't feel very good. I felt slow but held a 22.73 mph average. My run was slow at an 8:33 pace. I guess that post injury I just have a lot or run loss that needs making up but not this season. While I have a couple more sprints left I really need to settle into my ironman training to prepare for the Oklahoma City RedMan on Spetember 23.

Next weekend, Socorro Chili Harvest Triathlon, the NM State team championships.

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