Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The good with the bad...the bad with the good

The bad news first. I somehow hurt myself on a slow run this morning. It actually started Sunday on my long run. I was doing 14 miles aiming for a nice easy 9:30 to 10 minute pace. I started having a little stiffness in my left calf but was bothered more bothered by some blisters that had come up on my toes. I took Monday and Tuesday off as usual and then went on a 6 mile easy run this morning. I hit about mile two and there was a sharp pain in my left calf, actually it is just below the calf, so I stopped immediatly and turned around and walked back to the gym. This being the case I did what I think is the smart thing and wrote the race director for the RedMan triathlon and asked him to move me from the iron distance to the half, which he did without a problem.

It's a big dissapointment but it just isn't in the cards this year. My plan in preperation for the RedMan was to get in 1 Olympic, 1 half, 2 more Olympics (1 is Las Vegas) and then the iron. I ran the first Olympic on a hip with a stress fracture, didn't know that at the time just knew I was in pain. I skipped the half and did the aquabike instead while I was healing. I went on to do the next two Olympics and thought I was back on track for the iron with the expectation that I wouldn't do as well on the run as I had originally hoped but today tears it. I don't have enough time to let this recent injury recovery and still get my running legs in shape for an iron distance race by September 23 and I don't want my first iron to be nothing more than a grim attempt at survival with the very real possability of being pulled from the course, those are already possabilities when you take on an iron distance race.

Oh well...Ironman Arizona 2007...we have a date!

The good news...after winning the Clydesdale division at the Tall City Triathlon last weekend I have earned the points needed to claim the title of Masters Clydesdale Champion for the 2006 Southwest Challenge Series. It is completely impossible for anyone to win it regardless of what I do the rest of the season. It was my #1 goal this season and as it turns out it is the only goal I will reach and I feel great! Even if only for one season I'm the #1 Master Clyde in New Mexico and West Sometimes the breaks go your way, sometimes they don't.

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  1. Myles, what a bummer! How often do you get bodywork (e.g., massage, etc.?)? I find a tune-up approximately every month really helps my fitness, and helps keep stuff from breaking. Sometimes I stretch this to every month and a half or so, but the body work does me a world of good. I go for the therapeutic rather than the feel-good work, BTW.