Tuesday, August 15, 2006

V for Victory - The Outlaws did it!

I am pleased to announce that the triathlon team I am on, the New Mexico Outlaws, pulled off a victory in the New Mexico State Team Championships at teh Socorro Chili Harvest Triathlon last Saturday. It was a great race and everyone had a good time. I was worried that I may do poorly because of a pulled soleus but I taped it up and put quarter inch heal lifts in my running shoes and was able to go with only a little discomfort.

I am reminded on occasions like this just how great it is to be on a team and to have these kinds of semi-serious state wide competition between folks who race together all the time. Because it was the team championships the race draws a lot of the "usual suspects" from around the state and it is always fun to get to see them again. The Chili Harvest is also a very popular race for first timers and locals in Scorro. The race was capped at 330 registrants and I believe 303 arrived. There was a huge field of Clydes this year by New Mexico Standards, 29 of us in all. I was fortunate enough to place 1st overall for the Clydes, just a scant 11 seconds ahead of the Jr. Clyde winner and fellow Outlaw. Me and Wiz, our team captain, traded places this year. Last year I beat him by 13 seconds and this year he took me by 11 seconds.

Anyhow, here is how the Outlaws ended up in the final standings.
Jon – 3rd M 15 – 17
Amy – 2nd F 30 – 34
Mark – 3rd M 35 – 39
Jane – 8th F 35 – 39
Mark – 1st M40 – 44
Roger – 2nd M40 – 44
Michael – 5th M40 – 44
Paul – 7th M45 – 49
Greg – 8th M45 – 49
Chuck – 10th M45 – 49
Guido – 13th M45 – 49
Naomi – 6th F45 – 49
Kathy – 8th F45 – 49
Carl - 3rd M50 – 54
Debi – 6th F50 – 54
Miguel – 1st M55 – 59
John – 1st M65 – 69
Jay – 1st Jr. Clydesdale
Cody – 3rd Jr. Clydesdale
Brian – 1st Masters Clydesdale
Karen – 1st Masters Athena
Misty – 3rd Masters Athena

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