Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Triathlon gods are appeased

At some point this season I angered the Triathlon gods. I fear that I mocked them by over-training and they inflicted me with

A stress fracture in my right hip
A cold immediately following recovery from the stress fracture
A pulled calf muscle in my left leg shortly after recovery from the cold.

These aflfictions took place right as the season was heating up and the last one started to heal just as the season was winding down. I believe I have done my penance through appropriate recovery, a reduction in my race schedule and a slight reduction in my training volume. I have been rewarded with two consecutive days of completely awesome high volume training. Yesterday I did 4600 meters in the pool at race pace and followed that up with an easy 30 mile bike. Today I did a 10.3 mile tempo run on a hilly course and followed that up with an 80 mile bike from my home in Rio Rancho to the Doc Long Picnic area on the opposite side of the Sandia Mountains. I briefly considered climbing the mountain, which would have added an additional 20 miles round trip but I dare not mock the Triathlon gods again…they can be cruel task masters.

Below are the elevation profiles for my morning run and bike. The bike profile is just one way without the return trip. It would only be a mirror image since I followed precisely the same route home.

Fortitudine Vincimus!

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