Monday, June 11, 2007

Lost Wedding Ring

Today is the first day I have gone without my wedding ring since the GEEKGRL and I were married and I must say I hate it. Yesterday while I was swimming in Cochiti Lake my ring must have slid off into the water. I never knew it happened and didn't realize it was gone until I was out on my run. It's stupid I know, I shouldn't have been swimming with it on but I just never take it off and have had close calls when it has been off.

I suppose the combination of cold water and many fewer pounds made it inevitable. I should have gotten it re-sized a long time ago. My ring had become so loose that sometimes it would just fall off my finger if I were shaking my hands dry or some such thing.

I guess all I can say is I'm glad it is somewhere that nobody else will find it and sell it or something, not that it was a valuable piece of jewelery from a financial stand point. We were flat broke graduate students when we married and went for cheap and simple, plain gold bands. I'm also glad that it is at least in a location where I know where it is and that it is in a place we love.

Fair warning to all you weight dropping Clydes out there, get your rings re-sized or, at a minimum, don't swim with them on.
Now I'm in the market for another plain gold band.


  1. It took you that long to lose it?

    I learned the hard way about rings and water on the second day of my honeymoon as I was's probably sitting somewhere at the bottom of the ocean as I write this.

  2. Shhhh. Dont Tell Geekgirl, maybe she wont find out. Good luck finding a new one

  3. Triathlon-induced weight loss has caused me the same problem - almost lost mine at the Storrie Lake Tri last year. Had to stop wearing it for now until I can get it re-sized. Fortunately my wife of 15 years understands!

  4. Hmm, wrenching winz, your answer is telling. :-)
    I was the first one who knew about this unfortunately casualty of "shrinkage." After losing weight, mine used to fly off my hands when I shook them dry. I started wearing my grandmother's wedding band, which is tighter, as a ring guard on the outside, but I think we underestimated how much weight Baboo was losing.

  5. At the 100 pound lost mark J-Wim and I both took our rings in for re-sizing. I wear a plain gold band (the comfort fit ones are the best as they have tapered edges) and there have been times I almost lost it. I never take mine off either. When I do have it off it feels too weird and I put it back on. Sounds like you got a lot of training in this past weekend. Hope your weather is as good as ours. We are enjoying some great weather.

  6. Sorry to hear about that!

  7. That reminds me, I left mine in the drink tray in my SUV so I wouldnt lose it pulling off my bike gloves...... thanks for the reminder and I'm so sorry!
    The ring can be replaced - I am on my third! (Not lost - the first one broke in half and then we did an upgrade on the next one when we were Rockefellerin once)

  8. Taking off your ring feels worse than losing it - you lost it b/c you couldn't bear to part with it!
    if you follow me..
    as for my favourite colloquialisms
    - useless as a chocolate teapot
    - ugly as a hatful of a%*eholes
    - face like a dropped pie
    - a couple of kangaroos loose in his top paddock
    - flash as a rat with a gold tooth

  9. Myles, I feel for you. Having rings resized up or down when necessary is excellent advice.

    I don't have a ring I wear every single day, and that's probably a good thing. I actually have winter and summer rings. The winter ones I can't get on in summer, the summer ones would fall off in winter.

  10. Sorry to hear that bro. I started taking mine off long time ago and now mrs.JT asks why don't I wear it..hummm.

    But I agree, at least it's only where Schmigal(sp) can find it and The Ring bearer will have to return it... but that is another story.. :)


  11. I never swim with mine - and therefore never race either. It falls off just walking sometimes, Di's always buggin me to go get it sized, I'm just never thinking of it when I have the time. Like now. Sorry for the loss - time for an upgrade!

  12. Your still alive to tell the story.

    Maybe you will eventually find it on EBay one day after a guy with a metal detector finds it.

    At least you have sort of good excuse why it fell off. But not sure if she ever let you forget about it..

  13. That's the hard thing about getting smaller, nothing fits, not even the ring. I'm in the process of trying to figure out to do with a bunch of suits that fit great 2 years ago (when I could still qualify as a Clyde!).

  14. Sorry that you lost the wedding band. :(

    But, on the bright side, to lose it while swimming because of not resizing when you should have after losing weight...that's probably the best scenario for losing it.

    I usually take my rings off when I exercise/race/or whatever and often wear a cheap silver band because my hand feels naked and I feel awkward without the wedding ring.

  15. Sorry you lost it! Good point about at least you lost it doing something you loved.

    A woman last week lost hers (really expensive, NYC banker etc) when she took it off in the employee bathroom to wash her hands and left it on the sink! So, at least losing yours was a result of something positive (weight loss) and not just being a retard. :)

  16. Not to worry . . . unless some simple hobbit-like creature named Smeagol finds it the bottom of the lake. Then it's pretty much the end of the world unless we all go on a quest to Mount Doom. Thanks for that.

  17. Same thing happened to my husband in the Mediterranean yesterday -- we're googling "swimming lost wedding band" to find stories to make us feel better. ^_^ thank you for yours.