Thursday, June 28, 2007

Presto Change-O

I was supposed to be on an airplane right not winging my way to Newark, NJ to meet my younger brother and help him move beck here to New Mexico but when I got to the airport I discovered that my flight had been canceled and I probably would not be able to get another flight for two or three days. Apparently the Dallas – Ft. Worth area has been having one hell of a storm the past couple days and flights are being canceled and rerouted like crazy. Sorry Bro.

Now what? I am off work the next seven days with no plans…time to cook something up. I came back home and waited a bit for the temps to rise and then went and did a brick workout, about 30 miles on the bike and 5 on the run. The workout went very well, see the graphs (Bigun - Big Mike) and I got a lot of thinking done…and here is what I thunk.

This weekend my dear old Dad along with step-mom and newly adopted little brother Salvador are driving in from Portland to stay with us for a few days. This weekend is also mine and the GEEKGRL’s wedding anniversary. (Oh, the GEEKGRL has been doing some thinking of her own today...check out her blog!) Given this hullabaloo I decided that the GEEKGRL and I need to get away for at least an over-nighter so we are leaving tomorrow heading for Farmington, NM to do the Grady Williams Memorial Freedom Days Triathlon…ahhh, romance is in the air.

The Grady Williams is a very cool event. It is an Olympic distance race and is Swim – Run – Bike…yes it is kind of an inside-out triathlon. The swim is in a smallish lake that serves as the City water supply so there is absolutely no boats of any kind ever allowed in the lake, that is except for the kayaks that monitor the race course during the event. The run is a 6.2 mile trail run from the lake to the high school parking lot that serves as T2…that’s right, there are two transition areas, one by the lake for your running gear and one six miles away for your bike. The bike is a 40K out and back with hills, hills, hills. Of course all this fun takes place at an elevation of something like 6300 ft, maybe 6500?

Good times! Oh, and the bling available for those who take that walk to the podium…hand made Navajo pottery! It is beautiful stuff…I got a second place last year so maybe I can add a first place pot this year.

I did have just enough time to think up one more scheme…I’m gonna slip in one more half-iron before Louisville, you know, just for training…tweak that nutrition a little more. This race begins at 7000ft but that’s another post.


  1. Myles
    That brick was at a sweet pace. I am not sure what to be more envious of the 19.6 bike avg or the 9 min mile run pace. Either way keep it up and you may find yourself on the IMKY podium my friend. Hope your bro makes it back to New Mexico in one piece. Happy Anniversary to you too. Being an almost 18 year vet in the trenches with J-Wim I can appreciate the commitment. Good Luck this weekend too. Take it easy one em. Be nice to let someone else win for a change.

  2. waited for the temps to rise... thats funny as I am up late... 12:38am and it is still 94 outside.

  3. You forgot to mention the fact that severa people got lost last year, in a race that had steadiy declined in "support" value over the years. I plan to show up, get my pot, and then never darken their doorstep again.

  4. You and geekgirl have the Racing Sickness worse than anyone else I've ever seen. Do you guys ever even have time to taper or recover? ;)

  5. Good luck on your tri with the interesting twist.

  6. Anniversary tri - awesome!

    Squeezing in one last HIM - insane!

  7. I can't wait to see the "bling"!! Sorry to hear you couldn't gat a flight to NJ. Have fun this weekend!!

  8. now thats what I call romance!

    Congrats on the anniversary!

    have fun!!
    check out my post, son.. your gonna flip!